IMG_20171021_080154.jpgWoke up today to a bright morning ,thinking it to be another warm day, headed to my terrace for my morning meditation sessions ,but to my surprise, it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, the sun as it rose brought chill winds, a subtle hint that winter has set in, the only time of the year when we may want to bask in sunlight and have a face to face with the Sun
    Experiencing it after a prolong and abnormal monsoons, this Zephyr, mild chill in the air with the warmth of sunshine was a welcome change. I kept wondering how nature teaches and seasons if we pay attention to, are one of the best things to experience change — a concept which is only constant in this dynamic ever-changing world around us.
       Change – this term is usually perceived with a negative connotation and is resisted more and rarely welcomed, while the irony of this concept is that it is constant and inevitable.
Yet we all like to resist it more than accept it. Some of you will be surprised to learn that this same concept has also created departments and functions in the corporate world, including large content on training and workshops, roles like Change agent, Transformation leaders, OD specialist etc and has been a bread and butter for most who are training mankind how to adapt to this concept and explore its full potential!
How has been your experience with it?
So do you feel you easily accept and manage change?
Do you want to change something, but are unable to do so?
Are you resisting change that’s happening in your life?
Are you scared of change or changing?
Do you feel stuck?
Support is just a click away, do write and share your thoughts
Look forward to hearing back from you.

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2 responses to “Change the only constant!”

  1. Sarita joshi Avatar
    Sarita joshi

    Hi mehnaaz.nice article,I love change,accept it imidiately but think a lot about the feeling of others.dont want to hurt them.anyway hru doing.

    1. Mehnaaz Amjad Avatar

      Thanks Sarita,I’m glad you liked it.

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