Yesterday on my way back from the grocery shop, my driver was about to hit the next vehicle, which was an auto, as we both raced to move past a steep turning.
   Luck favored both of us, and none rubbing one against the other, moved on, but after a 5-minute drive, we halt at a signal and as soon as we stopped, the Auto driver started hurling abuses at my driver
   In return my driver abused him and this exchange of pleasantries continued for next 3 minutes.
         I asked my driver what was wrong, and why was he shouting, to this instead of my driver the Auto driver replied that if my driver had hit his vehicle, he would have been dead today, on which my driver became more furious, and the heated argument on a “what if” scenario continued.
        The signal lights turned green, and I thanked God for saving me from another mini nuclear war which could have started for no reasons, (and I do  personally think all wars were/are fought for no valid reasons ) pun intended ! and this episode was one such teaser which gives you insight as to how human beings without any genuine valid reason can lock horns, kill each other, find reasons to abuse and fight.
                      Before leaving sight of us as the Auto took a right turn, then the auto fellow through  sign language showed my driver a BMW sticker he had pasted on the front and back of his vehicle ,telling us in so many ways, not mess with his vehicle next time , is only after seeing the sticker wisdom dawned on me and I realised, that it was the perception that took offense, it was the mental model that was fighting and yes it had a reason….
       More often than not, we fail to understand the mental models out of which people operate, behave and approach. If we had known it better, it was a lot easier to live in peace, support people and manage situations in a much better way.
Do you find it difficult to articulate your problem ?
Do you find too many things, and too much information confusing you ?
Do you look for step by step approach ?
  Support is just a click away, I urge you to write and share your thoughts or ask questions
Look forward to hearing back from you.
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