During my regular evening walk, I bumped into my cousin, who seemed in a very somber mood, when inquired learned that one of a known acquaintance, who was also his classmate and friend from the engineering school just passed away.

The news took me back in time 12 years ago when I was a student, and he the tuition teacher of my younger brother, he was a slim and well-behaved guy who would render tuitions to high school students for meeting his expenses.He hailed from a very humble background, yet his dedication brought him enough money to educate himself.

What really moved me when I learned besides that he passed away at such a young age, he was barely 40, that he could never find a good job and was suffering from some kind of mental illness which went undetected and perhaps untreated.

Towards his end, he kept roaming the streets, asking people for money giving strange reasons that he needs money to treat his chronic illness which he failed to articulate.

The fall of a human soul, from a hard-working tuition teacher to a brilliant engineering succumbing to life’s indifference!

A life that never took off, but quickly collapsed only to meets its finality.

How strange is it that we communicate and connect on Social Media every day with millions of people worldwide, hold hoards of information, yet remain inaccessible to people being completely oblivious to what mental illness can do.

This and many such personal experiences were my first trigger to set up G&A, I wanted through my coaching programs, which are beyond the scope of treating mental illness, to atleast create that initial discovery process, which I have been designing painstakingly, to serve as an easy guide to all who are in need of a right direction.

The intent here is not to coach all those who visit G&A but to also act as a Guide, moving the not coachable to the right alternative direction.

Signing off with this noble thought, with Hope that I would be able to contribute in my own humble way, to all those in need of right direction.

This what G&A -Guide & Advice is all about “To provide meaningful Guidance”




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