With Sun Solstice, we in India being predominantly from the agrarian society, today celebrate our harvest season for Winter crops, but each in its unique way.

As Sun shifts direction, it is also an indication of the onset of Summer, especially in South India, bidding goodbye to the dry winter.

A winter which is never too cold to make you feel its absence, but since South Part of India witness a very hot and humid climate, the welcome change in the season in its moderate form brought in by winter is always craved for

Other vivid memories of this season and the festival ,is the famous timeless south Indian folklore which says, that from today onwards the sun will shine a little more, equivalent to the size of Sesame seeds,(Til Ka Laddu) a tiny small sweet delicacy, wrapped in jaggery, usually made on this occasion.

Actually, it’s the Sun Solstice so beautifully explained, and since this folklore stemmed from the agrarian societies, you will find analogies driven from seeds, lentils, or grains to explain the geographical changes.

This is then followed by Kite festival, and this cut across all caste, creed, and faith, and is celebrated with same fervor and tempo. You shall find boys of all size and length hanging on the terrace, all immersed in Kite flying and competing with next door neighbors, some on the game, while others as spectators, hooting and cheering.

Interestingly the ratio of Women have always been less, South Indian women are never found enthusiastically participating in Kite flying, but mostly prefer to be assistant to brothers or cousins holding the thread wheel and cheering along!

Every change along with resistance also brings some bit of excitement, having been through the dry yet pleasant winter, Summer is a welcome change, till it come over completely and we crave for some respite from the heat.

Signing off, hoping these new beginning just like the sunshine, brings in lots of happiness and prosperity to one and all.





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