5 Ways to keep moving and stay focused

We all have our share of difficult moments, for some, they keep coming back, for those who have learned the trick, manage their adversities very well.

You may wonder what is the trick, actually there are no scientific driven formulas to manage adversities, usually, all that we have gathered is based on human experience, which varies from person to person.

After my 2 years of unemployed life , I was into a mental state , which was quite new and strange for me , perhaps it was my first stint with adverse conditions , which slowly were wiping off my confidence and self-esteem, to me, another attempt to search a job, was as if someone is coercing me into humiliation, where I may have to again undergo a series of interviews and screening, only to be rejected politely .

My business ideas equally suffered, due to my lack of focus, where I every day kept oscillating between finding a job and the idea of running a business of my own.

During one of those stressful days, to unwind, I visited my tiny garden in the backyard of my house, which now had one huge Gulmohar tree, followed by empty pots, without plants, this was also because, along with my focus, I had also lost my inner drive to sustain my hobby of gardening.

One day during my evening stroll, I found few seeds of Gulmohar tree all scattered around, I took some of them and planted in one of the empty pots and completely forgot about it. At that time, to me it was just an activity I was indulging in out of boredom or maybe I was in dire need of change.

Then, after few days, during my self-reflection hour, around empty pots without plants, I saw a tiny plant, fighting all odds of a hard unkept soil, lacking manure or any softness making it way up, shining brightly in the sunshine.(The video and image shared in the post is my plant which taught me how to never lose hope)
It moved me, and I leaned closer to look at this nature’s marvel, teaching me a profound lesson of life; — regardless of our foundation, circumstance or environment hard work and perseverance do pay off!
So, next time you feel worn out, tired of your trials or lack of motivation, follow these easy to use ways, to get back on track.
5 Ways to keep moving and stay focused:
  1. Believe in your inner vision and dream; you don’t have be a spiritual pro or a staunch believer, to stay focused to your goal, one has to just have “Conviction”, and a strong belief, and it will create the magic.
  2. Learn from others: no single person experiences everything in life, and as the wise say, the best approach is to learn from other’s stories, so pay attention what worked for others and what did not and learn from the hardships stories and best coping mechanism adopted by those whom you had found in similar situation or circumstance .
  3. Look Inward: self-awareness is key to understand many things in life, the more we are aware of our self, our thoughts, our likes, and dislikes, our inner drives, the easier it is for us to navigate the complexities of life, especially during adverse situations and circumstances.So keep working on knowing your self more and more.Remember self-awareness is a lifelong learning.
  4. Perseverance and Patience: Though these are armors against all odds of life, unfortunately, none of us are born with it, we need to establish and cultivate it, the earlier you identify and work on cultivating it in your life, the better and better you get at managing your odds.
  5. Learn, Unlearn and relearn : Adapt a flexible approach, the very reason why Human beings differ from all species in the world, is because of their ability to adapt, therefore we have managed to thrive and survive from billion years from the day the world was created to date.Since not every setback or odds we encounter are equal in nature, nor the person experiencing it, therefore give yourself time to heal, learn your lessons, but be quick enough to move on with the learnings.It is absolutely fine to give yourself self-care, and if needed some additional time to heal or get back on track.
These 5 ways do not form an exhaustive list of staying focused against all odds of life, because the scope is of this concept is as wide as a human experience can go , therefore my attempt through the post is only to provide a condensed, easy to use, practical approach, which can be adapted by anyone from any walk of life, so that next time you find yourself lacking in direction or outside your focus area, you know what to refer to 🙂
Happy Reading!
Best Regards — Mehnaz Amjad.,
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