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Who is a Life Coach?

Life coach, the title itself sounds both interesting and intriguing, when one of my former colleagues reconnected with me after a gap of 7 years, he asked me what I was doing for a living, and I responded I’m a life coach assisting people to succeed at life ! , for few seconds there was a long pause ,my colleague took time to comprehend what he just heard , battling his eyelids he asked again trying to make sense, as if he had just come across something he never heard before, and to put his anxieties to rest , I had to spend good 15 minutes explaining what I exactly do 🙂

Interestingly ,this was not the first time I was encountering a surprised and curious glances , within my close network almost 90% of my peers,subordinates and colleagues whoever learned about my new profession of being a Life Coach either thought that I’ was in need of some serious counseling or I had taken up a job which does not belong to this world .

Be that as it may, I moved ahead with my not so popular new found profession, a dream, which I’ve have been dreaming since ages, and only during my most adverse phase of life, found the courage to pursue it.
     Back to the original question, of who is a Life coach?
Life Coach in my words is one of the most rewarding profession, in which a coach establish a co-creative relationship with a “coachee” (the person being coached) and enable the individual to bring about a profound change in his/her life, or achieve a goal or objective ,but through a defined set of frameworks or a well designed coaching program.
Just Like “Life”, the scope of  Life Coaching services is very vast and wide, and therefore a specialty niche is what basically defines the scope of any given Life coach.
And what does that means?
 It means if you are someone willing to overcome a habit, but do not know how to? , a Life coach (specialized) in changing habits can be your best assistance, similarly
if you find yourself dissatisfied with your job and role, and want to make a shift, but find it difficult to choose, given the risk involved a Life Coach (specialized) in career transition can help
A life coach specialized in bereavement can assist people to overcome the most traumatic experiences of life, likewise, a divorce coach may enable an individual to move through series of changes introduced in life after a separation or divorce in a much effective manner.

What I’ve cited are just a few examples, while in real life, there are many more categories within which coaching is exercised and results achieved.
And, when do you need a Life coach?
  1. When you want to look inward or increase your self-awareness
  2. When you find yourself stuck
  3. When you find it difficult to understand why you feel the way you feel
  4. When you find yourself caught amidst confusion which is overwhelming
  5. When you want to discover your purpose
  6. When you want to arrive at a decision
  7. When you want to take up a new habit or give up an old one
  8. When you find yourself not in control of your own emotions
  9. When you need to correct wrong perceptions
  10. When you need to choose and choose wisely
  11. When you want to balance your life with work
  12. When you need to find priorities of your  Life
  13. When you want to understand what you really really want in Life OR What you Don’t want
  14. When you need to reassess your satisfaction level in Life
  15. When you find difficulty managing toxic relationships
  16. When you need to reorganize or find an approach which is more systematic
  17. When you find yourself lacking productivity
  18. When you need to Let go and you are not able to
  19. When you need to understand the hidden factors wasting your potential

and much much more ………………………………

(These are just some of the commonly known situations to hire a Life Coach ) 

Hiring a Life coach based on your GOAL and needs is one of the best decisions of anyone’s life, and should be exercised everytime you think you need one.
because Life Coaches are not aliens as my colleague thought them to be, they are just like any other normal human being, but holding expertise in the coaching principles and frameworks, and are also neither expensive or beyond the reach of a common man.

All Life Coaches operate on a single principle to enable their clients to succeed at Life, and one needs to experience the power of coaching to realize the potential it holds, so next time you feel the need to hire one, do not hesitate just sign up and experience it.

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