Almost all of us, perhaps have had experienced some of the other kind of problems at some point in our Life.
 Issues in our life that has mired us, held us back or were stepping stones to success that we tasted but after a long hiatus with the hard work and efforts in order to solve a problem or fix an issue.
This brings me to the most common question posed by most of my prospective clients, i,e how does Life Coaching help solve issues of Life?
Being constantly approached by this common query, actually made me think, perhaps this is what could be a question lingering on the minds of many out there, who may also want to learn a bit more about Life Coaching.
    And what could be best than creating a write-up, to share and learn, therefore though this article, my attempt is to educate without making you feel bored:)
I’ve tried to simplify and make is it as brief and precise for my readers, without getting too technical about the coaching methodology.
Life Coaching just like Life can be equally simple and complex, more so it is dependent on the customer/client and the respective issue, they bring to the table, which also goes on to defines how we Coache’s actually Coach!
The issue that the client comes with is deeply connected with the scope of coaching, in other words, the correlation has to exist, between the coach and the problem at hand, otherwise, it becomes an outlier! a point beyond the scope of coaching.
What most people also are not aware of is that Life Coaching is not an alternative to therapy or counseling, its a completely distinct profession from the rest others, including the approach, scope, and frameworks applied in each of the respective streams.
and therefore the discovery phase basically is the key, where we(Coach) discover along with our customers/client where lies the issue and the correlation.
The discovery phase, we do get to learn a lot not just about the client, but the problem at hand, and this is the defining moment for any coach, which not only provides tremendous insights but add to the expertise of a coach, honing it further , and it is during this phase where  the coach decides whether or not we move ahead on the coaching journey or the client need to be redirected to a completely different relevant source like a (Psychiatrist, Counselor or a Psychotherapist, especially when the issue becomes an outlier, out of the realm of coaching )
How do I coach?
My method is very simple with steps defined at each level
I enable people to take an inward journey, ruminate, restore and resolve their issues of life through simplified coaching.(
It begins with the Discovery Phase  – to figure out what is that the client/customer actually wants to restore or fix or solve.
During the Discovery- we find out the following 
1.Whether the issue, a problem can ACTUALLY be fixed and is REAL (unrealistic issues are not accepted)
2.Whether the issue,  a problem can be solved through Coaching Method (Coach-ability Index)
3.Whether the issue, need to BE redirected to a different and relevant source.
Finally, it is only those cases that meet the coachability factor are considered for coaching.
This is how, not JUST me, perhaps most of the Life Coache(s) Coach!
     Now, before I sign off, I would also like to share, a real-life anecdote from my coaching experience, with my readers, with the brief write up you just finished reading, you may now have gained a fair idea of what Coaching or Coaches do, so write back what do you think about it.
    Case: Mr. T, in his early forties, a banker by profession, is a confused soul, despite 15 years into marriage with 3 children all boys, he finds himself very insecure and emotionally exhausted with his spouse and his mother, two important women, both, holding a key role in his life.
These days he gets irritated very easily and is in a snappy mood most of the time, he finds fault with both his spouse, her way of managing the household and the budget, additionally he finds it very irritating when his mother seeks his undivided attention.
This constant state of frustration and irritation made Mr. T reach out to me, to enroll for a Life Coaching program because he was dissatisfied with almost everything around him and found himself sulking all the time, contrary to what he actually was as a person.
Question for the reader; Do you think the case of Mr. T is coachable and he should be coached? if is yes? Why ? if No, Why?
Look forward to hearing back from my readers, because the best way of learning is also by sharing knowledge.
Go ahead and share your comments and feedback below

Until next time,
Best  Regards

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