Almost all of us are caught up in solving problems /issues of Life,on a daily basis!
A problem which ranges between simple task and activity to problems that are complex in nature.
     Imagine you woke up a bit late and to your horror found it’s been raining really hard the whole night, and there is no power supply at home (a very common scenario in India) and then you find you have landed yourself amidst a series of problems, right from getting ready to the office to preparing your breakfast, since none of the electronic appliances are working and you may have to think of multiple alternatives for each of your mini problem at hand .
Then we have another category of problems, problems which are more serious in nature, we usually call them the complex problems.

These kind of problems are those which catch up with us, while we remain completely unaware and for some time couldn’t find any possible alternative solution to it.
     Some of the Examples are :
(i) Your fickle minded boss, on a Friday evening, asks you to stay back and complete a task, which you have very minimal knowledge on.
(ii) You find yourself unnecessarily frustrated and in a snappy mood most of the times
(iii) You work hard on your resume and give your best shot at the interviews, yet you couldn’t get through
(iv) You patiently put up with your spouse’s eccentric behavior,only to be taunted being a pretender.
(v) You fail to understand why is that everyone expects you to behave responsibly and maturely. 
(vi) Despite your best work, someone else takes the credit. 
(vii) You don’t find yourself satisfied with your life and things around and put up multiple attempts to find out why. 
     Problems of life comes in many shapes and sizes ,and they vary in intensity ,some take more than the required time to resolve while some get solved easily and if proper methods are applied even effectively
If an identifying problem needs skill, then resolving it needs skill and expertise of another level.
The most important point we need to consider while we identify an issue and categorize it as a problem is , that every element of any given issue is connected and dependent one to the other, and this is perhaps the number one reason we all encounter problems in our day to day life, in short everything, is relative and nothing works in isolation!
Let me share a recent experience with you.
   During a recent coach call, my client ,let us call him Mr. Y, took more than the required time, in the coaching sessions, as he went about explaining his issue, most parts of his conversation were only about the problems he had at hand which he himself was unable to identify and was feeling extremely overwhelmed due to it.
For this particular case, I changed my method, because despite a good number of sessions we (Myself & Mr. Y) were not making any breakthrough and this was becoming a problem
it was a case of a problem arising out of several attempts to solve a problem, quite overwhelming, BOTH for him and me.
      I choose to bring about some very drastic changes because as a problem solver Coach, one should always include flexibility in any approach or method adapted.
Thus the coaching method underwent a change, both the process and the questions, and within a week’s time, we got our first 3 feasible solutions identified.
The reason for such an effective and quick turnaround was on account of evaluating the connect of the problem with many other factors and how each factor had a key role to play within it.
When we understood the connect, we understood the impact, the connect created and thus were able to find a feasible solution.
  So next time if anyone of you encounters similar issue or problems, as a first aid, always
Pay attention to;
1. The inner connection between the factors related to an issue/problem
2. Key factors at Play
3. And identify if our efforts, attempts or approach need change or modification, if yes, be flexible enough to include it.
     Remember ,both problems and issues for each one us may vary, and differ, and this is just one of the very simple approach to problem-solving that I had shared with you today, from my real-time coaching experience, if you wish to learn more or find effective solutions to your issues, write to me or visit us  or simply sign up 
As always at your service!
Until next time,
Best Regards,
Mehnaz Amjad
Life Coach (Solving your issues through the coaching way )( Problem Solver)
Your valuable insights are most welcome, feel free to share it below.

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