As a Life Coach, this topic may sound a bit unusual coming from someone dealing with topics like self-awareness, productivity, relationships, work-life balance confusions and emotions
But this topic has been on my mind since a long time, also because besides being a Coach, I also wear a hat of a Mentor, especially for young, inexperienced fresh mind in need of guidance, mostly in career and sometimes also outside of it.
I also choose this topic, based on my own personal experience of helping hundreds of women especially who are homemakers, and holds a completely wrong notion about jobs, work from home, and KSA.
In what I had experienced, every time I had a new customer, seeking my assistance through coaching,  I ended up learning, almost a same story every time, some wanted coaching to get a job and some to regain what they had lost
In short, most of these homemakers were easily duped in lieu of work, job and pay and many even ended up paying their saved money to get a paid job!
In order to save many such being exploited further, this write up is my little contribution to assist as many people as possible.
So, Read on.
Jobs are an integral part of our life, our existence in both the monetary and economical sense completely depend on it, government bodies work hard in designing policies so that we have more and more job being created and the problem of unemployment is kept at the lowest percentage. While there is no doubt that we all need a Job, either to earn or keep us engage and sometimes both.
But what we all seldom pay attention to is, just as we all need a decent job, there are few key factors that need to be understood, that impacts our ability to find or get into one (job)
We also need to remember, that right from the cosmic realities, climate to our currency everything is undergoing a change, and jobs are not left behind in this metamorphosis.
The methods of getting a job done have now undergone a complete change.
Work from home which 8 years ago could have been someone’s wishful thought is now a reality and a new normal.
With the 4th Industrial revolution on its way, jobs and work from home perhaps may again undergo a sea change, but very little can be predicted about it, for now, so let leave it at that.
And move on to study and bust a few myths about Jobs and the new emerging Work from Home option.
Demystifying —
 #Myth 1: Any skill can do any job
 Answer: Jobs are always based on 3 key components (KSA )
  KSA stands for Knowledge Skill and Ability
  KSA = Competence
  Knowledge – Facts and Information we hold about something
  Skill – expertise to do something
 Ability  – means to do something
 We get a job on our respective KSA, without which, regardless of what we think of ourselves we could be completely irrelevant if we apply to jobs of which we hold no KSA
#Myth 2: I have completed my graduation and now I’m entitled to a Job which is my birthright 
 Answer: We get hired  based on the Correct Approach adapted
What is the Correct Approach?
1.Create a smart resume
2.Tap in the right job channels
4.Reach out to Referrals
5.Work on Interviewing Skills
6. Get Hired
We get hired based on our efforts and activities, directed in the correct approach
 and not by mere holding a qualification
#Myth 3: Work from Home Job; Any skill can get a job that can be done from home 
Answer: Work from home jobs also work on the same principle of hiring people on KSA
Knowledge, Skills, and abilities in some cases also including relevant experience
KSA equally applies to WFH and a regular job done at the office , there are no exceptions
#Myth 4: I’m entitled to a good pay, regardless of my KSA 
Answer: Jobs are priced based on compensable factors, which include Hardship
( working in tough environments) besides Knowledge skill and abilities, and a collection of all the compensable factors determine the price of the job
One has to hold the relevant compensable factors to be eligible for a very high pay
Understand the job’s compensable factor before applying for the role or seeking a raise
#Myth 5: It is easy to get hired with many years of experience in Middle Management or Higher above
Answer: Despite the best of skills, the demand for Higher level positions is confined to relevance and few limited seats only example; we need only one CEO or one VP HR, but can still have 3 Manager HR, so the higher you go the number of job/role numbers shrink and the competition becomes more and tougher narrowing it down more and more on relevant work experience
A mere Number of years of experience does not count towards the KSA
#Myth 6: WFH -Work from home jobs means, freedom, flexibility, and quick money
Answer: Work from home requires equal effort as you deliver while being at a workspace or office outside your home, yes, it may offer flexibility, but does not mean one can deliver less and be able to make quick money.
WFH and jobs done at a office space , both seek performance and delivery
#Myth 7: Any job can be done from anywhere 
Answer: With technological advancement that has drastically shrunk the way we communicate and connect, making it simple and possible to connect and work, however, t does not mean we can just go about and do anything.
The principle of KSA and Feasibility still applies to many jobs, those existing and also those that are evolving.
Evaluate your KSA and reconcile it with the job applied for
Conclusion: This is not a final list nor an exhaustive list of myths that needed demystifying, but can be considered

 the most common ones which need attention and awareness
so that the vulnerable unaware common man stands stronger and knowledgeable enough before the ever-changing dynamics of the job world
     As a Life Coach today, where I help people in solving problems of Life, staying happy in a job, sustaining a job, managing a good job but with a cranky boss, are also some of the areas where I had assisted and coached people with the right approach that one needs to adapt when one gets  caught up between the devil and the deep sea.
We also offer Free Sample Life Coaching and Free tools which can assist many of you to understand your own KSA
Finally, do write back, sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with me about the job world or outside of it.

Until next time ……………..
Best Regards
Mehnaz Amjad

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4 responses to “Demystifying Jobs, WFH & KSA”

  1. Padma Avatar

    Mam I’m padma
    R u prefer any job mam

    1. Mehnaaz Amjad Avatar

      No Padma , this is an article on jobs , I do not provide jobs

  2. NUPUR Avatar

    Will these WFH kind of jobs be able to give that much satisfaction as working outside gives? Will 1 be able to achieve peace of mind at home when he/she is working from home only..?

    1. Mehnaaz Amjad Avatar

      Dear Nupur, the WFH jobs or jobs at office , can provide satisfaction and peace of mind . The key factor here is the role and not the arrangement which is working from home or working from office . The role is an integral part which need to sync up with what you really like doing ,your passion,your interest and should engage you enough to feel satisfied and fulfilled.Therefore always look for such factors in a given role that sync up with your inner interest and passion .
      Also, note WFH is just an arrangement , it can provide flexibility of managing home,kids and work ,but of the work(role) and the job you do is not interesting you may not really find any satisfaction or peace.
      Hope this clarifies.
      Feel free to write back if you have any further queries
      Mehnaz Amjad

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