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During our growing years what interest us most, is basically shaped up by the environment we live in, our likes our dislikes few of it we inherit it from our family genes, rest of it stems from our personality, a result of our upbringing and the values imbibed in us by our parents.
In short, it is a play of nature and nurture, our growing years are the place where our potential is taking shape and being developed.
The term potential literally means “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future”
This simple term can be explained in many different ways, and as individuals, at some point in our life we may have perhaps thought to ourselves “What’s my potential”
or may have had evaluated others, observing some people have high potential, while others struggle to find theirs.
I recently worked with a gentleman, very courteous but a very disappointed soul filled with low self-esteem and self-doubt.
And after spending a considerable amount of time understanding the depth of the issue, learned that the client was upset due to failures he had encountered when his potential could not fetch him the outcomes he had envisioned.
The issue began when on a whim, he decided to start an alternative business besides his day job, in order to earn few extra bucks, he was more fascinated with the idea of earning extra income without paying any heed to the amount of effort and skill it demanded.
In short, he thought he had enough potential to sail in two boats at the same time!
Initially, it was exciting, but with pressing deadlines at both ends, he was unable to focus and deliver quality neither at his day job nor at his part-time job.
Result: After 6 months stint, he quit both the jobs, the day job he was asked to leave and the part-time job he quit by his own choice
And finally, he found his solutions through our Life Coaching program, which not only assisted him to understand his problem area, including his real potential but also the right and the most appropriate approach to adapt to achieve his goals.
This is not a very uncommon issue, most of us, at times are whimsical and act capriciously, all we need is to witness or experience motivational talks which are these days available in dozens, and we are all charged up to conquer the world.
By stating this I do not intend to dissuade my readers from watching or reading what motivates them, my ask is beyond and deeper, which is to hold a realistic approach especially when one tries to gauge one’s potential.
And what is that?
It is all about being aware of our potential, in a real sense, be honestly aware of our strength and weaknesses, be aware of what we have and where we lack.
So, before we move downhill and get stuck in our vicious cycle of self-pity or failures, it is important that we first lay down our foundation on absolute correct and realistic measures
Knowing our potential is one of those fundamental steps before we venture on our dreams
It will not only keep us grounded but will also be a guide to many distractions that we may encounter in our journey towards our goals.
And what is knowing our potential?
It is about gaining a clear understanding of our KSA’s.
KSA- Knowledge, Skills, and abilities
Knowledgefacts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
Skillsthe ability to do something well; expertise
Abilities =   possession of the means or skill to do something.
     A combination of all the above 3 factors combined together in an adequate proportion basically help us evaluate the level of potential we hold, and assess where do we fit in the best way
Conclusion; instead of being carried away by theories and concepts on positivism, I recommend that we evaluate our potential so that do not end up either misusing it or negating it.
A strong foundation always goes a long way to keep realities in check
          As a Certified Life Coach, I have had worked with several such disappointed souls, assisting them to understand their true potential, so that they create a road-map, based on facts and not on mere assumptions.
If you or the people you deeply care about, find themselves in need of understanding where lie’s your potential?, what are you really good at ?, what suits you best in terms of a career choice or a role ?, you could just sign up to any of our Life Coach program
using the link and be assured to a meaningful guidance.
till Next time
Best Regards

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