Most of us during our childhood has received lessons on being thankful, especially when we get anything from anyone, the first lessons on morals and manners always include
expression of gratitude, with the statement of “Thank You “
Gratitude is something we all perhaps have learned very early on in life , but with age and time and as experience dawn upon with its own dose of wisdom, we become more and more engulfed in quest of our own goals, that we take most of what we have for granted, and the search for what we do not have continues .
The emphasis on being thankful has grown in the recent past, due to numerous psychological research studies which had proven a direct correlation of a person’s well being, happiness and success to gratitude.
With the kind of stressful life we all live and a healthy life we all aspire to live by, cultivating a habit of gratitude comes as one of the easiest ways to gain the most precious possessions of life, be it happiness peace or well being.
Even though I never took things for granted, I should confess I never paid enough attention to all that I had, including being grateful about it.
In short, gratitude did come, but with an effort, which in a way was not the right approach of being thankful.
I learned to be thankful from many of my unpleasant experiences, today that I would like to share with my readers is just one such out of the many experiences which impacted and also changed me profoundly.
When I established my firm 1.2 years ago, I started with nothing, except that I had a license of a certified Life Coach, and had high regards for my skill and profession, which I still do.
Any new set up has its share of challenges, mine was not an exception, the endless wait, the tiring hours creating original content to the numerous free coaching sample sessions. the results came by, but each took its own due course, from a lucrative corporate career to a home based business the journey brought in many transformations, some interesting, while some testing my fortitude and patience.
Amidst one such phase, I was too disappointed deep within, both with my self and my way of work, and then one day I happened to visit my cousin sister, she asked me to come and meet her, when I inquired she said ,she need help in clipping her nails , because the nurse hired for her, clips her nail dug deep inside her skin and she didn’t like it that way.
I found her request too innocent filled with warmth and appreciation of my sensitivity towards her, which she always felt and I never failed to exercise.
My cousin, a qualified Company Secretary, is a patient of MS (Multiple Sclerosis)  bedridden for 7 years now, has 3 kids.
I usually dropped by, to give her company and act as a window to the world, narrating to her the latest movie gossip and current political trends.
That day, since I was in a very foul mood, as soon I met her, I asked her “How are you doing today? (My ask was sarcastic, I was perhaps more cross with myself than her)
She replied with a warm smile (Alhamdulillah) — an Arabic expression, which is translated as “Glory to God, I’m doing very well” 
I was a bit ashamed at her response, which she uttered in her unclear speech
I asked, how could she say and feel it, given her condition, then she explained with examples of all that she has, and how thankful she was for what she possessed.
 she explained how futile it would be to sit and crib about all that we don’t have, and how being grateful to almighty for all we have is the best way towards success.
I took her hands and carefully clipped her nails as expected by her, ensuring she feels the least discomfort, while I was at the job, she told me, that few of her fingers have lost complete sense and she feels nothing, so in case I end up doing a bad job ,I should not feel bad, for she couldn’t feel anything anymore .
I sat with her for a very long time, and her words echoed in my mind, even though we shifted from one topic to another.
On that day ,looking at her I thought  ,howaNeuro disease made a wonderful women into a bedridden ailing mother, who now cannot move an inch without support, who could not speak correctly, who was not able to hold her 3rd child (Girl Child) post her delivery, since the disease  by that time taken a complete control of her .
When I was about to leave, she was very happy, both with my nail clipping services, and listening to some of my juicy stories, some cooked up and some real.
That day I learned and promised myself to stop taking things for granted. I realized we are reminded of being grateful, either when we come across adversities or we experience it ourselves, instead I thought it is better to be thankful and
 Let not our realization take so long that, we end up taking things for granted before they are long gone from our lives, some to never return.
That day, gave me many defining moments, one of it was to always stay Thankful to God for all that I have.
Before I sign off, here is a small gift to my readers from me.
It is a tool, download it or take a print, this will be your first step towards cultivating an attitude of gratitude.
Hope you will like and also exercise it.
Till next time…..
Best Regards
Certified Life Coach

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