I sat down to read my daily journal because the past few days was feeling overwhelmed with a lot of work at the office end which is still pending and back home, the work never seems to end!

Amidst my own chaos, I realized, no two single days are the same and being flexible not just with others but with our very own “Self” is the key to keep my sanity in check.

So, what I did was, wrote down the 3 major activities that I was currently doing that does not serve and support me, which gave me insights about my biggest time wasters denting my productivity and increasing my anxiety and stress levels.

We all have our own hidden time wasters, what we need is to reflect and identify it. Ask yourself the same question that I did, you never know what you may end up with.

Tips for the readers

  1. List down 3 things you are currently doing that don’t serve you or support you
  2. Make a List of additional 4 activities that can be considered a time waster
  3. Put duration against each activity
  4. Evaluate how much time you may have spent in a given week on 7 activities which actually don’t serve or support you
  5. Once you have identified your hidden time wasters, make a plan to bring in positive changes and remove all distractions that dent your productivity

The result of this exercise will vary for every individual, and so will be the solution. But, if you seriously consider bringing in a positive change in your life, you can sign up here and find the most effective, feasible, life-changing solutions for yourself.

Mehnaz Amjad –Life Coach

Happy Reading.

Best Regards

Mehnaz Amjad

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