Though there are many challenges of being an entrepreneur, it also comes with little joys of Life.

Yesterday, as the entire southern belt of India was enveloped in elections, I braved the warm summer scorching at 41 degrees Celsius and cast my vote. Came back exhausted both by the heat and the long queue, at the voting centers.

As I began to start my work, felt a dire need of a nap, and within 5 minutes dozed off at my home cum office floor, under the artificial breeze of the desert cooler, with water trickling by its sides, throwing in few droplets as the fan inside swung sideways ,an experience good enough for me to travel back in my dream state 🙂

Woke up after good 30 minutes, refreshed and charged up, something we could never do it at office workspace.

These days I often find many of my clients’ complaining of stress with a constant search of peace and happiness, I often tell them that happiness is not a goal to set a deadline and achieve it, instead is a cluster of many small pleasant experiences of our daily life.

To be happy and joyful, learn to find it in the ordinary daily life, with the right attitude and mindset, and one can always be Happy.

So dear readers,stop chasing Happiness , remember it is right with you ,in the many daily ordinary events that unfold every second , cultivating this attitude back home will fill your life with many million moments of joy and contentment .

Happiness is a choice, therefore choose the best for yourself, without letting it be given or earned through others.

-Mehnaz Amjad (Life Coach)

Tips for my Readers

  • True satisfaction and contentment comes from cultivating a sense of gratitude for everything we possess
  • Happiness is a Choice
  • Do not set deadlines to be happy or conditions only when it occurs you will be happy, remember a few things in life never comes to pass

To your happiness….

Happy Reading

Best Regards

Mehnaz Amjad

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