Way back in 2015 ,after a long tryst with corporate life ,I was just getting sick of the work, to the outside world it may appear glamorous with international locations ,fancy title and a six figure salary,but deep down there was something amiss ,it was so hollow ,dark and irrelevant. I had to constantly keep motivating myself ,to the extent that I used to lie to myself ,stating that everything was fine,and that it was just my mind which has a bad habit of over analyzing things ,especially, when the reality was staring you right in the eye,and I looked for reasons to look the other way.

Amidst the chaos ,had additional troubles which finally collapsed my intrinsic motivation ,I lost few of my loved ones to death and my project to lack of fund, as a result, along with other few team members was shown the door and this was precisely the time , when I began to see light at the end of the tunnel, the dark,chaotic,ambiguous deep inside now felt a bit light ,a bit normal as if someone just removed a heavy weight from my back.(corporate jobs does that to you,where you eventually start to question your existence and the very purpose of living and earning)

Life is stranger than fiction

this proverb has been part of my life since childhood and I had seen the statement manifest itself in many realities as life unfolded .

After closing the corporate chapter ,it was now time to start afresh,leaving the past behind ,there began my search for something that I should do ,that which connect very strongly and deeply with my inner self , it took some time to gain clarity ,and I considered it was one of the most toughest quest that I managed to pulled myself out of successfully , as a result of which I found my goal and purpose,and then to formalize it into a concrete skill ,undertook the required training and license and there I go ,I was now a certified— “Life Coach”.

Being a Coach is one of the most rewarding profession,provided we have loads of patience and perseverance ,after all we are dealing with human transformation ,which is one of the most complex of all species on earth.

But at times ,despite the toil and hard work that goes into the making of a Coach and also that coaching being the most rewarding and most exciting option, I have on purpose choose not to coach a set of people , it is not arrogance or any kind of specific dislike for someone that made me do that ,rather it is some special cases which need special mention ,so that most of us, be aware , that such people also do exist and we be wary of them .

I call this a Coach’s prerogative and his/her exclusive right ,where we choose both our craft and our customer !

I have valid reasons to exercise “Choosing” who I coach ,and I’m sure most of my fellow Coaches would agree to it.

Here’s sharing few examples,and for the sake of brevity confining it to just 3 cases.

#Case 1 : A medical practitioner ,who hides her identity ,calls from various locations and numbers ,asking a long list of questions during first session ,expressing deep interest in taking up coaching . A rare case where a non medical practitioner (coach) would have healed a doctor,but the Coachee (doctor) ended being caught up by the Coach at several instances on lying and concealing identity.

#Case 2 : A strong headed skeptical man in his early 50’s ,very clear of what he seeks and want in life ,but not at all open to any feedback ,nor think anyone is capable enough to guide him or advice him, constantly gets into a feedback mode with the coach ,provides non stop feedback for the Coach ,also seek acceptance of his views both by the Coach and the world which he find full of flaws.

#Case 3 : A young girl in her early 20’s ,find herself so sorted and crystal clear about what she want and seek, shares her plans filled with unrealistic risky ventures with the Coach ,but is not willing to listen , a mind which is already made up and is no longer in need of any further perspectives or views even if it means it is coming from a Coach.

Conclusion : As a Coach it takes double the effort to find our right prospect and provide them service, and as far as I know most of the Coaches does it with utmost sincerity ,however ,one key thing which most people fail to realize it ,is Coaching is not a short cut to change nor sheer magic, the key factor it demand from both sides is Commitment ,and when this key element goes missing from either end ,the entire relationship just collapses!

Thanks for reading it .

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Mehnaz Amjad

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