We all have been here ,in situations ,events and circumstances ,where we stood all confused ,desperately seeking a way out of the conundrums.At times even desperation won’t work making us live under constant stress and pressure ,feeling overwhelmed with situations.

Sally was one such soul,finding herself all lost and stuck in a rigmarole.

Poor leadership,bad culture made her quit her previous job in a hurry without any second thought ,while she served her notice period and was elated with the thought that she would soon set herself free ,little did she paid any consideration to the results to follow , in the interim ,she met an old colleague and now was fascinated with an idea ,which was passed on to her by the colleague ,which was to be on her own ,choose a life filled with freedom ,happiness and joy ,gear up to venture into the unknown ,supposedly which according to the popular belief was the only indicator of success and that you have done something worthwhile in life .

The job ended ,the freedom began, but it was short lived ,the excitement died down as quickly as it had risen and now the life my client lived was far more worse than the previous one. She had no job ,nor any feasible idea to be on her own, the very thought of being one’s own boss was now a nightmare with no direction or goal to go after . Running a business is everyone’s dream , and that too a profitable one!

But, making dreams a reality ,is a long arduous journey, which tests our soul at every level ,and little did she knew she had chosen a path ,filled with uncertainties,as a result she found herself completely lost !

When I first spoke to her , she broke down several times during our session ,and it took a while to get herself back into a composed state.But she was a brave girl,who sought help instead of harming herself and was equally courageous enough to accept her follies than succumb to her failed self .

We all have a “Sally” inside us , and we do tend to get easily carried away by situations ,loosing the hindsight ,especially in this time ; an era of trends ,and the tendency to quickly follow a trend is not only contagious and influencing ,but if chosen without a proper plan ,it is very likely to land oneself in real difficult situations. In short one cannot achieve “success” by chance .

So, the next key thing to consider is ,how do we save ourselves from such situations .

Let’s begin by understanding the basic meaning of confusion,the root cause of most of troubles we invite for ourselves.

Confusion means ; uncertainty about what is happening, intended, or required.

We all get confused and at times ,more often than not encounter uncertain ambiguous situations .So, let us reflect over simple techniques which may not entirely fix the situation or an issue ,but can assist in negating the negative possible outcomes from an unplanned change and shift.

  1. When you have too many choices to choose from ,make a list(yes it is as simple as that) ,write it down ,list it down
  2. Against each choice ,write an opportunity and a threat that you may foresee
  3. If a particular idea has hijacked your brain, validate the idea by asking yourself or those around you to get a more wider perspective
  4. Validate ideas also by time ,because when certain things stems from whim,it equally dies down with the same speed,therefore give it time
  5. Never think or act hastily ,whatever be the situation ,however conducive or supportive you may feel
  6. Do not hesitate to seek counsel of experts if your immediate network do not have answers to your questions ,even if it means to invest money in it
  7. Finally ,always work around to know your self enough ,so that you understand when and why behind each of your thought ,ideas,and can also differentiate between your whims, choice and desires.

Conclusion : following the above seven practical tips may not entirely save you from confusions ,uncertainties or ambiguities ,but it does will assist you not land in a situation beyond your control,which at times ,can prove fatal for a common man.

Sally also found her way out after 5 months of intensive coaching sessions ,which included lot of hard work ,commitment to change and ownership of decisions made along with outcomes as they unfolded.

Seek and thou shall find.

Until next time…


Mehnaz Amjad (Your Coach for Clarity)

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    Thanks for sharing this. quiet helpful to stay focused

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