Maria was an extremely busy with her project with a deadline fast approaching,she even sacrificed some of her weekends with work as her priority .

The project was successfully launched on time within budget ,meeting all the necessary quality needs and scope requirement ,the launch was followed by the regular appreciation and celebration and little did Maria new what she was upto.

A week later ,one fine morning ,she received an in person meet invitation with her boss who was visiting her location ,she was excited and since all her goals were completed in the best of way ,she silently started planning her vacation ,to celebrate her success and a promotion which she anticipated after the project launch.   

The meeting with her boss ,was scheduled and took place  on time ,and while she took all her copious notes to discuss the next awaiting work, she was told in the meeting that she no longer had the job , but basis on her work,commitment and dedication ,she was given an additional notice period ,with full pay ,by which she can now look for a job outside. 

Scenarios like this are very common at workplace,and there is nothing new,wrong or unethical about it .After all the employees are hired on contract ,with terms and conditions ,empowering each party to end the contract as situation demands.

Maria is a common case of many middle level managers who are on the cusp of getting into more senior roles ,but fail to understand that the competition at the higher level gets tougher as the level rises up ,and what got her here wont get her there.

This episode left Maria with not just stress ,but a deep resentment ,and self doubt ,it took a while for her to regain her lost confidence and look ahead with positivity.   

As per the latest survey on worklife balance ,we spend almost 70% of our life at workplace and working .Therefore any impact our workplace creates ,be it positive or negative ,it creates a deep impact on our psyche and overall well being .

During my sessions with her ,I explained her 3 key things which helped her ,restore the lost confidence

1.Understand what she values (Internal Value system) “what matter most to her in Life” and reconnect back to it

2.Find her priorities and create a focus plan

3.Create her Self Roadmap

With the help of these mini programs, she was able to connect back to her self ,and moved ahead onto a journey she designed for herself.

What Maria went through is one of the most common issues at workspace ,but it has cascading effect and not managed on time can take a heavy toll on career path and the individual as well.

As a Life Coach  ,I assist people problem solve the most common issues of life ,through simple yet effective coaching techniques.

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