Smriti was the younger one among the two siblings who have lived a comfortable life under the love and warmth of their parents. 

I happened to meet Smriti ,at a chapter meet ,and she religiously followed up with me for my time and a coach program.

Despite a very hectic schedule we both found time and were finally in a coach meet, but what surprised me was ,that the requirement on coaching was not for her but for her elder sister Smriti.  

Our meeting lasted for 2 hours ,and after gathering almost every detail ,I was a bit skeptical to take the case,because coaching has an element of co creative relationship, and regardless how one may feel for others,unless the concerned person find himself/herself committed in it ,the entire program can result in nothing if the person is not prepared for it.

In this case the elder one was in need of it ,but was completely unaware of what her sister sought for her .  

What moved me was a sincere concern of the younger one ,and therefore I began my coaching process in a different mode making some modifications to my program ,which involves few additional steps to get the “unaware” coachee into the coaching mode .    

Shruti turned out to be a very intelligent girl ,and while we discovered diverse underlying issues , but what caught my attention was ,during one of the deep dive sessions, I found something very different from where I had began.

My findings were:

  • It was a case of severe nutritional deficiency and hormonal imbalance ,while she thought it to be a case of onset of a chronic mental ailment symptoms shared (lack of energy,feeling lethargic,mood swings ,procrastinating ,constant search for motivation )
  • Recency effect of a negative experience
  • A case of imbalance energies playing havoc on the mind.

    After undergoing few simple blood tests ,the results turn out to be exactly as I had anticipated  ,it was a clear case of deficiencies .The solution was found in a balanced diet plan ,including some additional vitamin supplements and physical activities.

Discovery sessions  therefore are very important ,which lays down foundation of the coaching case and also creates a road-map ahead,an error in this stage can lead  to completely different track sometimes even into another rigmarole.

Our body and mind forms a deep connect creating our “Self” ,and are very closely inter related, a gap in one can effect the other and vice versa.Hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies are very common in women ,the need of the hour is to create awareness about holistic well being ,because sometimes what we experience not necessarily hold its roots in what we seek.

Conclusion : Cases such as these always intrigued me ,while it it begins with a coaching need ,but end up entirely on a different note ,giving me my share of leanings ,honing my craft to another level.

Until next time…..

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