#Case 1 ,Mary is filled with anxiety to the extent of throwing up ,feeling restless,desperate and completely stressed out . She look for ways to calm herself down and repeat a prayer which she had learnt as a child.

#Case 2 , Deora is crying ,for no known reasons ,she has lost her appetite and is in dire need of something that could motivate her ,bring her back to the normal self .

#Case 3 , Taniya feels exhausted both in body and spirit ,even a slight extra work which is not taxing ,she consider it to drag herself to do it ,she find everything burdensome ,demotivating ,as if a huge heavy mountain continue to rest on her shoulders and is in a dire need to take it off .

If we observe closely and look at each case objectively a common pattern that emerge out of these stories are :

  • All of them are experiencing lot of stress
  • There is lack of motivation
  • Each consider her work as a burden
  • Feeling lethargic is a common experience
  • There is desperate need to find a way out ,as if one is caught in a gas chamber feeling choked !

Most of the times when I assist my clients with very similar issues ,I have experience that my case begins with something but end up somewhere else.

Let me explain, the discovery session and the initial calls ,the client shares their experiences , which is a completely different story ,but as the case unfolds ,more details are gathered , more insights gained , the results throw a new turn ,which then calls for a complete different solution .

Women may throw in lot of money on grooming and make up ,but an area where they completely left behind is , being aware of the role of hormones and their mental health . Unlike men , women undergo hormonal changes on a much frequent basis and with age ,nutritional deficiencies coupled up with hormonal imbalance can make any women feel she is just on a verge of loosing her sanity .

It is therefore ,imperative on every women folk to indulge in extra care,and to be first to make oneself aware of these hormones ,and then about the results ,especially when it goes out of balance .

This particular write up from Medical news can be a starting point to understand that it not always the external factor that trigger all those unreasonable emotions ,but actually are the hormones that is in-charge of how one may think and behave .

Our self is made up of both pathological and psychological factors ,and which together in tandem define a holistic well being .

So ,next time if you find yourself way too unreasonable ,with your self and emotions ,do the following

  1. Indulge in self introspection, understand if there is a recency effect to it or not
  2. Pay attention to what your body says
  3. Be aware of the time ,especially in connect with the monthly menstruation cycle
  4. Pay attention to your diet and lifestyle
  5. Finally ,get your hormones level checked

Self care is not a choice , but essential to our well being , unless we want to just live a life of a machine ,which work on dictates of others.

Self care is also not about being selfish or self centered ,it is about our investment towards our self ,which is blend of both our body and mind which eventually leads to holistic well being

Mehnaz Amjad

As a Coach ,while I continue to solve ,connect and coach many of my clients ,especially women ,being a women myself , I recommend that we invest in our self for the sake of our self,and it begins with being aware of things that matters and by valuing oneself .

On similar line ,I have also designed a course on “Self Care” it is a simple online course ,which assist learners with basic information about the key domains of life that needs immediate attention and care . Anyone interested can click here to access and enroll in it .

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