What is Truth ? Something in accordance with fact or reality or something else , there are many answers to this simple question ,it can range between deep philosophical work to a mere simple fact.

But, do you know ,we all have our truths ,somewhere deep inside us, they build along with us ,as we journey life and often are the seat from which we desire ,operate ,seek or work towards a goal.

#Case 1 , Vivek thought travelling brought him the renewed energy and focus ,and therefore every time he had an issue ,which he find himself to be caught up in , the easy option and a gateway to freedom was a few days of travel . Interestingly ,he made many such trips ,but never was able to found what he sought , and only during one of our coaching sessions ,did he became aware of his truth , and understood that he was just carried away by what he saw, the experiences, shared as pictures through social media by his friends and colleagues with their respective groups , and therefore he also assumed , he will find his “happiness” where his social media friends bought it from ,which was not true.

#Case 2 ,Mary’s,brother in law was an abuser and her sister into a toxic relationship .She always counseled her,prayed for her sister ,even at times put up with the unreasonable behavior of her brother in law , fearing he may harm her sister .Many years passed by , and by this time ,Mary and her sister responses made the brother in law believe he was all correct ,all throughout . It took time but Mary finally got to her truth in one of her sessions with me , a thought provoking sessions ,in which ,she felt lot of discomfort answering the questions given,but towards the end also realized the truth , which was , the sister was happy with the abusive husband and wanted to continue to live in the marriage for reasons better known to her ,she on the contrary thought the sister created issues by coming to her rescue ,while she individually had no issues and never consider her husband or relationship to be toxic ,something which Mary assumed all her life about her and put up with her brother in law .

#Case 3 ,Tina always was self conscious about her self , especially in social gatherings because she thought everyone looked at her ,her costume, attire,shoes,make up and passed on comments , she developed this habit since her teenage years , and only during one of her sessions ,opened up about it , her long narration and few questions ,made her realized ,that in reality ,no one paid any heed to her at all. The truth was,all these years , She assumed a lot , and as a result was constantly on a war with herself , making visions of comments ,thoughts and perception people had of her ,in reality there was nothing to reckon with.

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. — Unknown”


We all need to know the truths about ourselves ,which does the following :

  • Bring in more self awareness
  • Assist us live a more meaningful life
  • Help be in charge of our “self” both inward and outward
  • To live our best self
  • To be aware and rooted with our very purpose of living

Truth is bitter , but also hold healing properties to the many deep layers of undefined pain,anguish,beliefs which limit us from living our best life.

There can be nothing best than investing in our own personal development ,and to do so ,there are many methods ,of which Coaching has been found to be the most effective and fruitful due to the method ,principles and purpose involved .

If you are interested , Connect here to find your truths ,and embark on a meaningful journey and live your best.

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