I’ve started these series ,which I would like to call the “Little Joys of Life”,what you are reading is the part 1 of it ,and you shall in future may get to read more on it .Through these series I intent to share simple experiences of our everyday life which holds immense capacity to make us happy,joyful and at peace with oneself.

These days we hear the term “Happiness” a lot more than ever before , with the growing chaos ,stress and fast paced life we all live,I think, it is natural as human species we all have many common needs out of which happiness seems to be in demand and most sought after.

Happiness as per dictionary is — a state of being happy.

Some of the common pattern observed especially with this priceless feeling called “Happiness” is

  • We all are in need of it
  • We all are searching and seeking it
  • We all have our own definitions of it
  • Different things make people happy in different ways
  • In word it means the same ,but in spirit it can vary with individual

So, this brings us to another question ,why is that most of us seeking it ? is happiness evading us ,or is it scarce ? or did we lost out our ability to be happy ? or just that we have complicated even simple things beyond explanation ,paradoxically a situation leading to unhappiness.

During a trip to a small town in Karnataka called Kalburgi ,I happened to meet a domestic help ,who served my grandmother many moons ago,she invited me to her house and treated me with one of the finest ,nutritious food I’ve ever had , the occasion was her son’s anniversary ,which despite the humble living ,they ensure was celebrated in the best of manners. On my way back home ,I kept thinking ,how just few hours ago was the same me ,ruminating over my wardrobe for the event, because it got messed up in the packing, was unhappy with the driver turning up late , the conditions of a small town road ,the lack of many facilities in the location . My reasons to be unhappy had far outnumbered the simple living they made out of handful of resources and means at their disposal.

But after having visiting them I realized,one always does not need the best of everything ,all means and all resources to stay happy , nor is happiness conditional , it is more a choice , a commitment and a promise we can make to ourselves of by being Happy !

Let’s now also spare few minutes to the most common factors ,which makes Most of us unhappy (

  • Making happiness as a condition , and constantly applying it to life events
  • Ruminating over past events
  • Setting unrealistic expectations
  • Constant comparison with others ,their life and achievements
  • Constantly worrying about the future
  • Finding something to blame
  • Not being aware of our self (which includes) both feelings and emotions that make us happy or unhappy

The above stated seven statements may not be an exhaustive list ,but are common key factors ,which (can be also used as a reference, every time we find ourselves struggling with happiness)

So, today when I went back to find the little joys of my life, I captured this moment.

A silent day ,with light wind ,and the wild trees playing hide and seek with the sun.

Wild trees in the backyard ,playing hide & seek with the Sun.

The moment reminded me ,that both peace,and happiness are priceless,and the quest for it goes on with life ,however, it can still be found ,sometimes in our own backyard ,in the little joys of life !

(c) 2020 Mehnaz Amjad

About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad MBA (HR),PMP,SHRM SCP , is a certified life coach,Founder Guide & Advice which offers Life Coaching and Training services to both individuals and organizations. Online : LinkedIn

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