Overcome your Frustrations

Judy has been working on a very tough assignment for past 6 months,with very limited assistance ,yet managed to deliver the results with value,however,due to change in management the project got shelved abruptly ,leaving her supervisor with enough data points for feedback and not entering her name in the next prospective promotion list.

Judy gave so much time to her work, thinking that only work bring success in life ,and therefore amidst her many tight deadlines ,she lost track of number of times she was not able to be part of the family gatherings,nor was aware of what was going on in the life of her aged parents and growing kids.

The sudden end of project brought lot of leisure time back in Judy’s life, and now while she tried to reconnect ,she found it difficult to ,since most of her family members had already found their respective time schedules and were now used to it .

Many years passed by where Judy ‘ did everything in her capacity to get a promotion and find her way up in the corporate ladder ,but success still evaded her . The slow progress annoyed Judy, she resort to anger to release her emotions, sudden outburst of anger towards children,domestic help and driver were now a daily episode . At times ,her parents also were victimized for their clumsiness,while she continued to think ,she was only doing it for the best of everyone .

  • Breaking out in outburst of anger and frustrations is a sign of deep underlying unresolved issues.
  • Being too reactive to even trivial issues which can be easily overlooked is a sign of fragile broken self ,which makes a futile attempt to control everything.
  • A control freak is someone who lack trust in his/her own self and the people around .

Judy met me ,when she had turned into a hot tempered women suffering from bouts of indigestion,high blood pressure and hormonal imbalance ,in our first session she appeared skeptical and rude in her demeanor, but after few sessions,broke down and cried her heart out ,when she understood the real reasons of her failure at work and home, she found her success.

At times, when most techniques fail, Coaching with its powerful methods and tools can make our life more meaningful ,pulling us out of the rut we often create for our own self.

If you find yourself in a similar situation that of Judy,or someone you know is going through it ,refer them to the given program below ,which can assist ,because we all go through it at some point or the other in life.

Overcome Frustrations Now !

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In this session :

  • We explore the underlying reasons of frustrations
  • Learn a quick method to stop unnecessary ruminating
  • Find our inner peace

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About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad MBA (HR),PMP,SHRM-SCP , is a certified Life Coach,Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Life Coaching & Training services to both individuals and organizations. Online : LinkedIn

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