While there are infinite courses, talks and notes on time management , this one question make me wonder ,how little we value an asset which only diminish .never to return .

Wasting time to me can be easily categorized into a sinful activity ,it’s a colossal lost of the most valuable asset gifted to mankind,and the only one given at an equal basis.

Time isn’t the main thing , it is the only thing .

Miles Davis

In most of my Coaching programs especially with clients having problems on productivity ,I always ensure to run them through a leisure check , this is an activity with twin objective , at one end the clients understand ,what engages them the most and on the other end it helps them identify where do they end up spending most of their time .

Get yourself a pen and a paper and do it along with me, all you have to do is answer some basic simple questions around your time management.

Do you plan ahead ?

Do you keep a track of things to get done ?

Do you follow a routine ?

If you have answered most of it as a no, then it denotes ,you are in need of a time management solution.

The first step to manage one’s time is to create a plan , click here to access the form,

  • Step 1 : In the form which is a spreadsheet, divide your daily activities basis on the time phases given.
  • Step 2 : Plan your activities ,and write them under the activity column , choose to do things that which is most convenient to you and that which works best for you . Hint (For some people morning hours are more productive for some it is the night ,each to its own, there is no wrong or right way of doing it)
  • Step 3 : Plan your activities for a day ,3 days or 5 days or for a week , monitor your progress .
  • Step 4 : Evaluate and you will find out where did you end up spending most of your time ,which part of the day works best for you ,and how productive you were on a given day and why.
  • Step 5 : A weekly or a combined evaluation over a period of time may help you find what is the activity you have been doing a lot ,and whether or not it serves you , in short it may assist you identify your hidden time wasters !

Conclusion : This could be by far one of the most simple time management technique on a spreadsheet , but I guarantee you, as you fill it it up every day ,and may revisit it as per your plan , you will be surprised to learn a lot from the way you have been spending the most valuable asset i,e time .

c) 2020 Mehnaz Amjad

About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad MBA (HR),PMP,SHRM-SCP , is a certified Life Coach,Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Life Coaching & Training services to both individuals and organizations. Online : LinkedIn

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