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#Case 1 ; Laura, took good care of her family ,but if any new changes introduced either by the other members of her own family or from the outside world, she gets edgy and reactive.

#Case 2 ; Henry , despite his best abilities and skills with good educational qualification ,was afraid to explore job opportunities in his home town , he feared he will be rejected and that none in the town can offer him anything that fits his potential. As a result he remain out of work for a very long time ,often times even at expense of his fast eroding skills and tensed relations with his family.

#Case 3 ; Maria,always went overboard with all her tasks ,be it at home or for work ,her going out of the way and working ,made her believed that she was entitled to rewards in return ,and that only she can do it the best way ! so much so that she reacted when her expectations fell flat and outcomes were different to what she had envisioned.

In all the above cases ,the one common pattern that runs through , is the lack of self awareness ,a common cause of most of the issues that mired a human mind .

  1. Maria considers herself next to a perfectionist
  2. Henry not willing to zone out of the “Comfort Zone” at any cost
  3. Laura resisting change and perceiving it as a threat to the status quo.

They continue to go on with their lives ,only up till a point ,post which they automatically invite troubles

Trouble How ?

  • Change is the only permanent, and Life runs only on Change ,regardless of who we are ,and whether or not we like it or resist it
  • Comfort zone are actually hidden dangerous zones,that can make one get too deep into comfort,making it dangerously toxic for every sphere of life, and a starting point ,were the decay starts.
  • Trying to control the uncontrollable often puts one into a zone of perpetual stress and anxiety , not a good place both for body and mind.

Any Fool can know,

The Point is to understand

-Albert Einstein-

Question for the reader

What area of your “Self” you are “unaware” of ?

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2020

About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad  is a certified Life Coach,Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Life Coaching services to both individuals and organizations. Online : LinkedIn

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