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Ezra once told me ,she shouted her lungs out on someone who was trying to stalk her.

By nature ,she was one of those poised,calm and soft spoken person.

Who would hardly speak .An introvert and extremely shy.

What made her so reactive ?

When I asked

Her response was ,her anger, yelling ,acted as a guard, a defense ,a thought she held in her mind

The meaning she attached to

Anger = power ,safety and courage

Client ‘s Perception

She wanted to showcase she was strong and safe enough to defend and was not afraid of anyone.

Deep down though ,she craved for safety and security

We sometimes behave exactly opposite to the way we are

Wonder why ?Because we want to wear a mask

Mask it, hide it,conceal it

So that we do not let out our weaknesses .

Have you ever behaved in an exact opposite manner ,of who you actually are ?


Did you know why ?

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2020

About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad  is a certified Life Coach,a CBT Practitioner ,Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Life Coaching & CBT services to both individuals & organizations.

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