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Latifa spent most of her time ,taking care of her elderly parents

Working from home ,on her own,made her more and more at home,and then over a period of time ,along with work she slowly took over the household responsibility and was managing everything.

Sometimes she expressed her angst and frustration,in form of continuous arguments and discussions with her parents,which went on for days ,bringing in friction and tension in the house environment, but regardless of her experiences, she never compromised on the high quality of service she delivered both at her work and at home towards her parents.

She felt lonely many a times, her piling frustrations ,monotonous life and heighten anxiety brought her to me .

Our coaching conversations brought forth for both of us ,new insights , even though we discussed the mundane flow of life, but as we ventured deeper ,it brought truths which held deep meaning & value driven thoughts.

Mehnaz Amjad, Life Coach

Some of the lessons we learnt together were :

  1. Self awareness assist in connecting our past to our current condition(mindset)
  2. The root cause of many of our issues are deeply rooted in our unsorted past
  3. To find a permanent solutions,of recurring issues(like anxiety,stress, worry behavior etc) one has to commit to major changes in life.

In case of Latifa ,

  • She was under constant worry about her aging parents.
  • At her end ,she never made any effort to build deep meaningful relationship , instead expected others to make the first move as a result was left very lonely at this phase of her life.
  • She used unhealthy approach to combat her stress (which was adapting a worry behavior) which further added to her stress.

Sometimes , solutions to what appear as very complex ,messy ,cumbersome ,or mundane lies in answering some very simple questions ,which if one ask ,with a little courage , it can throw lot of insights including a permanent solution to the overall problem.

When Latifa, answered similar questions ,she was able to find what she was seeking .

It all begins and ends with Self !

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2020

About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad  is a certified Life Coach,a CBT Practitioner ,Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Life Coaching & CBT services to both individuals & organizations.

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