First step to Personal Growth

In this podcast episode, you will learn the basic first step to Personal growth and development .

This method will assist you plan your Life Goals and also monitor it ,so that you get on to the first step of self development


For planning your goals ,do the following 

Key area of Life – (Pick any one or add your own)

 (Family, Partner ,Significant other ,Relationship, Career, Money , Health & Wellness, Happiness & Joy)

Goal planned the SMART way

ØSpecific (What do you want to achieve)

ØMeasurable (How will you know you have achieved )

ØAttainable (Something you have control over)

ØRelevant ( How is this applicable to your life)

ØTime Bound (When do you want to achieve it)


Example : You can use the example given below ,and plan your goals accordingly.

Key area of Life – Health & Wellness


Specific (What do you want to achieve)

ØI want to loose 5 kgs ,follow intermittent fasting and reduce sugar intake

Measurable (How will you know you have achieved )

ØMy weight which will be 5 kg less than the current one ,followed by reports indicating normal sugar levels and vitamin d

Attainable (Something you have control over)

ØYes, It seems attainable with proper plan and discipline

Relevant ( How is this applicable to your life)

ØIt provides me the needed strength energy levels that would help me live a more healthy and fulfilled life

Time Bound (When do you want to achieve it)

ØBy end of Dec 2020

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