When I asked Judy, what took her so long to seek help

Her reply was ,she anticipated a worse conflict brewing between her and Joseph, younger brother .

It was simple, Judy avoided any kind of confrontation , but at the same time constantly assumed ,second guess and was always filled with doubts.

One fine evening over the dinner table when the stoic silence was broken ,it led to all hell break loose.

The issue was trivial, Joseph and Judy disagreed on many things ,but none had the courage to speak up ,or resolve the many legal issues their parents had left back as they inherited handsome amount of money , but with constant assumptions the siblings invited unnecessary conflicts with each other.

When Judy I spoke for the first time , she was inconsolable, but as we discovered and peeled layers from the story, the only pattern that emerged was of a healthy relationship gone awry on account of assumptions.

Make note of this

  • Assumptions are only in research ,unnecessary thoughts with no base is often the root cause of all conflicts
  • When we assume, let it stay as an assumption and NOT a complete truth you may want to tell yourself and also believe in it.
  • Assumptions often curb and break down communication, which is an unhealthy sign in any relationship. The best way to counter it is to simply speak up.

Conclusion : Today Judy and Joseph are best of friends and siblings with a renewed bond , the change happened by suspending assumptions and indulging in a open meaningful conversation.

What a Legal proceeding could not solve ,a simple conversation did

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2021

About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad  is a Life Coach, a CBT Practitioner ,Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Coaching to both individuals and organizations. 

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