When Trishna lost her job to a recent major change in the economy, which led to the shutdown of most of medium sized scale organizations downscaling and laying off workforce in large number ,Trishna was among those unfortunate new hires included in the list.

Trishna, at her last day of job was all normal, but when next day, she learnt life was not the same , there was no deadlines to be met, no meetings to attend , no rush , but a void that filled her. She felt numb,and tried hard to make sense of the new reality ,which was not only difficult to adjust to but too bitter to swallow.

Trishna, picked herself, and tried making plans of the day to keep herself engaged and busy, the initial few days were okay, but with time and not been able to find another job, she became more and more desperate and annoyed with the status quo.

Any new opportunity or a call made her happy, and she was ready to compromise on her role, status, pay package sometimes even her own values, which now hold no relevance for her, only to land herself in a job. Gradually she got so lost in her own self pity circle that her only escape were all the unhealthy coping mechanisms she had began to indulge in, ranging from alcohol to drugs.

Trishna did not just lost her job ,she lost herself !

Life can be difficult at times, and consequences do have the capacity to break, to the extent that it hits deep ,a very common mistake people often end doing during crisis is to reject help or stay hesitant for help, some even go to the extent of believing asking for help can add more trouble than help.

In reality it is the opposite , it is during a difficult time that our mind lacks clarity and direction , so instead of going inside ,if one chooses to go outside , be courageous enough to seek help , one can completely change the trajectory of one’s life.

When Trishna met me 3 years ago, she had already failed many interviews and had been at home for more than 2 years struggling ,in a complete mess more of her self than any other. As a Coach it took few extra sessions beyond the regular ,to work on ,with Trishna ,and assist her regain back her confidence and self worth lost in the grief.

A sneak peak into what she ended up with after coaching :

  • Trishna ,now understood the real reason behind her failed interviews
  • Trishna ,understood her strength and weaknesses that limited her
  • Trishna ,learnt few interesting facts about her own self ,which she was unaware of , in the parlance of human behavior known as “Blind Spots”
  • Trishna was now clear as to what she wanted with renewed confidence and certainty
  • Trishna planned her learning roadmap and also a personal growth plan to be put into action with a timeline

Coaching can bring in profound changes , even beyond one’s imagination , provided one stay committed to it .

If Trishna can , so can you , remember you are not alone.

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2021

About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad  is a Life Coach, a CBT Practitioner ,Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Coaching to both individuals and organizations. Connect

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