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A fresh bright and sunny morning , filled with just the right amount of wind ,and warmth , good enough to feed a lonely soul with freshness , It would be hard not to want a peaceful space in solitude, with birds chirping and trees and sky, all which make for a delightful experience.


By around sunset, the same sky turn dark shades of yellow, enveloped the sky, giving it a golden look .This time the mood was more somber ,quite and calm, though sunsets are often beautiful late in the day, they also tend to invoke different emotions.

Most of the time, people find that a sunset marks closure – the end of a chapter or simply an end of something .

The parting can bring relief or sadness; it depends on what you’re coming to terms with.

Evening 22.08.2021

Did you observe the stark difference in the emotions and its impact on mood, even though it was a single day with two different time period ?

one at sunset another at sunrise

If we pause for a moment and reflect, there are lot of lessons available to be learned from it ,

Nature has a lot about to teach us – let’s do our best to gather what we can.

  • Nothing is permanent , so are our thoughts that evokes our emotions and moods ,which are impermanent and thus do not have to define who we are !
  • Every closing ,also has a beginning attached to it .
  • It’s in the ordinary and simple things, that together makes life beautiful , we don’t have to complicate it
  • It is being present, enjoying the moment that is the secret to bliss
  • Make it a point to accept things as is ,you will end up enjoying more in life.
  • Life moves in cycles , nothing can be preserved forever, but we exist in a cycle, where nothing lasts for long.

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2021

About the Author : Mehnaz Amjad  is a Life Coach, a CBT Practitioner ,Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Coaching to both individuals and organizations. Connect

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