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I write this ,as September 2021 comes to an end , in the north regions of the world, it is the onset of long dark cold winters, while people in the east ,look forward to a respite from warm heat into not cold but a pleasant weather ahead.

In India ,winters are also marked with onset of festive seasons across all regions ,and winters which vary in intensity in India, brings in a complete change ,ranging from food to clothing to even the everchanging moods and emotions.

Today 1st Oct 2021, as I enter the last three months for the year to end , watching the sunset ,I sat back and reflected ,there is a lot this year took away from me ,including my father, leaving a permanent void and thus this year will always remain etched in my memory, holding collections of both the most cherished moments ,I had spent with him ,the last few days before his demise , when I experience transition of him to the realm beyond this world and the profound change in my entire persona based on my surreal experiences.

As the day comes to an end, marking the end of another season, it reminds us of the transitions through nature, which work in a cycle, as one closes, the next opens up.

Similarly, Grief also work in cycles, it does not follow any set pattern nor a linear approach , therefore when we approach Grief as a process , often the result make individuals stay stuck in it for a long time.

Grief can close many doors, which, if given a chance, we may never want to leave behind. However, the closure paves the way for new openings, new perceptions, and new learnings, interestingly enough, which will then get closed at its due time, again back in the cycle of new openings.

Mehnaz Amjad, Grief Coach

Closing with a prayer and hope , that our tribe as Human beings and our shared humanity, may we all find our openings we have sought along with the courage to make our closings better.

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2021

About the Author: Mehnaz Amjad is a Life Coach, a CBT Practitioner, Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Coaching to both individuals and organizations. Connect

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2 responses to “Grief as a Cycle of Closing and opening”

  1. Gazelle Shere Khan Avatar
    Gazelle Shere Khan

    Loved it Mehnaz. I could imagine the start of winters, Very well written.

    1. Mehnaaz Amjad Avatar

      Thank you 💖😊

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