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Noah has been working on this complex projects for past 3 years.

After the close of final quarter , Noah and the team went above and beyond to ensure the project is launched successfully despite a huge cut in the budget and resources.

Noah was deeply hurt when post submission of the project ,there was no mention of him, his team and the effort that went into bringing a complex, sinking project to fruition .

Noah complained and stayed disillusioned for many weeks. His anger and frustration resulted in mass resignation of an entire department within a service line.

Mass resignations led to a huge controversy, matters were escalated, HR interventions sought , special committee meetings held, with one clear message subtly conveyed .

” Noah’s lack of leadership and immature behavior was the primary reason for the mess created”

While the Senior Leadership tried resolving an organization issues, but often time ,what the seniority fail to observe is that some negative experiences of life, especially associated with complex work and efforts take a toll on emotional makeup, and the hurt can run very deep.

To understand what makes a leader feel so deeply hurt, despite it involved very little of Noah’s personal life ,we may need to go back to the early growing years or the childhood phase to understand it in more detail.

  • “ACE” adverse childhood experiences is a result of an extensive research that proves how lack of emotional support and prevalence of stress factors hinder an individual mental growth
  • ACE may not always be about physical abuse, even basic lack of emotional bond and support may result in insecure grown up adults seeking validation and a constant need to feel belonged
  • Noah was a result of his share of ACE’s

How Coaching helped

Noah along with his 7 member team was put through a rigorous 5 week coaching

  • The Coaching involved powerful tools and techniques, which gave insights to Noah and the team about one’s own inner self and the weakness one held.
  • Noah also learnt about the deep underlying beliefs he held about his job, his role and the meanings attached to the success of project he was working on
  • Noah’s team had similar issues and were group coached together .
  • Each member worked both within the group on common assignments and also on individual assignments based on their specific issue .
  • The coaching had a twin objective, at one to help build resilience skills for Noah and team and on the other end to, assist each individual including Noah to understand their inner strengths and weaknesses .

Being Resilient

To develop resilience , is a long drawn process and we all hold our own unique capacity to build it, and the best part is, being resilient is not a skill we are born with , it is a skill ,we can acquire it, hone it and practice it .

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2021

As a Grief Coach I help people move beyond grief and loss ,and become resilient.

About the AuthorMehnaz Amjad is a Grief Coach, a CBT Practitioner, Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Coaching to both individuals and organizations. Connect with me here

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