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David, after a 10-year stint with the same organization, now began to find himself less engaged at work and more engaged at thinking continuously about what’s next. He wanted to slow down, and deep within he knew, his heart was not there, but he also had no idea where his heart was.

I don’t have the courage to get out of this, but I also have no motivation to go on. Where should I stop and do what? Questions like this enveloped David’s mind especially when he retires to bed, and spend several hours thinking about a vague future, which lacked clarity.

David connected with me through social media, after a series of conversations spread over weeks, he finally decided to share his story through a coaching call.

The story of David had all elements of a confused individual state of mind, it had uncertainty, lack of confidence, conviction, and a lot many questions in form of “What-If” scenarios than answers.

Change has an interesting feature, when we resist it, it then comes from outside external forces beyond our control, asserting persuading, nudging us to move ahead.

With the changing dynamics of the IT industry, David had no choice but to flow with the trend, to stay up to date, which demanded him to unlearn and relearn again, something he dreaded, and deeply wanted to quit the rat race, slow down, and find a sustainability sweet spot, which seems to be lost somewhere.

David’s story was about his search for clarity and direction, about a decision that is impactful but also regret-free. A validated deliberate choice.

During his seven-month coaching assignment with me, I helped David, embark with me on an inward journey, in which he first understood what mattered to him the most, this, in turn, helped him explore and set his priorities in life, this was followed by learning about the many vague fears and thoughts, which enveloped him, with its roots in the past nestled in the many negative experiences he had encountered in his growing years.

Its right in the center of chaos ,where one get’s clarity and sometimes direction too!

Mehnaz Amjad

As I share David’s story, he is already enjoying the success of his work and is on his way inside the journey he had chosen as a result of the coaching program.

If you are, just like David, looking for direction, clarity, and want to arrive at a regret-free decision, your search ends here.

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2022

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