Few months ago, I was into an online conference meeting when the entire screen blacked out , while I struggle to view my audience on the other end , they could see me clearly including my overwhelmed emotions as I struggle with my laptop. It was an awkward situation ,and I had to leave the meeting in the middle to put an end to a screen blackout.

This experience left me with lot of embarrassment and self criticism, and I kept criticizing my self for not meeting the highest standards set me ,I kept repeating it to myself, how come an organized person like me has landed herself in such an embarrassing situations .

Taking my emotional turmoil to another level, I decided NOW to throw away my Laptop and buy a new one, which will not put me into any such similar situations again, so with a little over few hours of research , I found a laptop ,ordered it and yo! it was delivered to me within the next three days.

Observe ;

  • How emotions are at play ,while I’m ruminating ,reflecting and taking an impulsive action ,by purchasing another machine within few hours of one event gone wrong.
  • There is no heed I pay to any other detail ,except the black screen that somehow seems have clouded my mind .
  • The behavior exhibited is impulsive ,anxious and hasty
  • Finally the purchase of a new laptop was completely driven from the emotions at play than any real need of the machine.

The laptop bought was an excellent machine, however, there was a catch !

The camera settings were not at par, at least not what I wanted or expected it to be , so with the impulsive behavior continuing on, now I was trying to replace the machine or return it, unfortunately nothing worked , because in my haste ,I had missed reading the return policy and refund case eligibility, and my issue fell under none.

Result; I was left with a machine ,whose camera can again go all blank,
& a new machine 
with a below average camera quality.
 I was stuck !

By now, I thought , If i continue like this I may actually do more harm than any good to myself

So, I took a deep breath, let go of the need to find any more solutions and gave myself a break of 3 days.

When I came back after 3 days ,trying to find a solution to my issue, an idea struck my mind, and within one hour ,my laptop got sold to someone within my network who was looking for a similar need with no special use of any camera.

Make a note ;

  • Decisions are driven by emotions ,and can sometimes left unregulated can make the decision making more complex and cumbersome.
  • So, choose better , by keeping emotions within control, do not let them override your mind.
  • Any decision we make ,it is always better to validate it through others, especially those decisions with cost involved.
  • Ask, seek counsel
  • If you find it difficult to choose , delay the decision, put it on pause mode, come back to it after a break of 3 or 5 days , the way I did in my case, and you will have a solution .

Fact ; None of us can completely control the outcome of our decisions, but what we can control is “HOW” we decide.

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2022

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