Meet Peter ,with more than a decade in his work, rose up the ranks ,and is now at a very senior position of his organization ,with a huge span of control and territory.

So, when Peter connected with me through a social media channel , I was surprised by the revelations coming in from a person of such high caliber !

Some of his details were too cruel, for a man of his age and his sincere contribution towards his work and profession.

He had lot of shame that engulfed him , and I found him in deep pain, he spoke for hours without interruption, revealing the dark side of the glamourous corporate life , that often lure people with a promise of lot of monies, success and prosperity .

I would like to make a special mention of this coaching assignment, which was special for me, because it was one a kind , in which I had to unlearn a lot ,before I learned a new thing.

I had to unlearn, that I had grasped in my several years at corporate ,it was not only challenging to let go of my perceptions and deeply held beliefs about seniority and leadership at corporates , but it also opened me up to present new realities ,of the new world .

My coaching assignment with Peter lasted for a year , in which we together discovered many unknown and hidden subtle issues , often ignored or kept under wraps for years , blocked from resurfacing , which precisely were the root cause of his present state, sharing just a brief summary for you to gather some lessons in it ;

  • Thinking error of “I know it all “ – The reluctance to seek help, especially considering seniority and experiences are good enough to rely upon, thus one may never need to reach out and seek help .
  • Considering seeking help or assistance as a sign of lack of skills or weakness
  • Competency Training – competency trainings assist only in delivery and execution, for issues beyond it ,one requires to look into the gaps with a holistic plan and action.
  • Self awareness is key, and even the most senior and potential leader lacking in ,can land up in difficult situations .
  • One may be fully self aware of one’s role or skills and may not be in other areas of one’s persona or traits .
  • Personal and development of self requires assistance and expertise, with a plan of action, not everything can always be DIY ,do it yourself mode.
  • New Learnings at new levels as you move up the ladder in roles, for certain positions of corporate , competence and success alone is not just confined to work or performance , but requires to move beyond the technical need and hone leadership skills, especially that of a stakeholder management .
  • Interconnectedness of Career & Life Management investment in career planning , along with life planning is crucial, because both these key domains , of our life is connected to each other , impact in one may cascade to the other or vice versa

Sometimes life can just throw us off the grid ,and the best way in such a situation is to grab whatever support is within your reach ,so that you save yourself from a fatal fall !

Peter made a wise choice of investing in support of being coached.

What are you waiting for ?

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2022

About the AuthorMehnaz Amjad is a Certified Life Coach | Website |91 9849 500 557

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