Madhu a working professional ,with more than a decade of experience, holds a decent share of success and accomplishments both in her personal and professional life , but, continues to live in a state of constant worry.

Any new challenge , a new difficult client requirement, developments ,or a difficult colleague, she finds herself, enveloped in a negative thought process, it always begins with a negative thought , and then builds a story of catastrophe leading to the worst case scenarios.

The way Madhu dealt with it , was to evaluate and analyze , use her rational mind and then look for possibilities which are always present , explore and then solve it , but what really bothered her, was her first immediate approach ,which was always in a negative format, followed by lot of hard work to shift to find a solution.

Her negative mindset, kept her on an edge and never produce any feasible solutions.

For a very long time in her life, Madhu could not understand what really made her such a negative thinker, and when she joined me as my coachee , besides the various others issues at hand , this was something Madhu constantly sought help on .

Her coaching assignment with me was a success , we both worked together to address several issues including this one .

Some of the key learnings , I would like to share from her case is as follows

It’s not just Madhu , but one of the key reasons ,most of us think in a negative way is ;

  • The most primitive part of brain , also known as reptilian brain ,is comprised of the brain stem , amygdala and limbic system and is hardwired to safety , therefore most of the time ,our brain constantly scans the environment to ensure we are safe and thus any new challenge which is not part of the normal routine pattern ,automatically makes the brain scan it to sense any new danger , so as to take immediate measures to ensure safety .
  • Thinking in a negative way is one such way ,adapted by the human brain, to scan through to ensure safety .
  • The way we approach thoughts also stems from the way we are taught to approach it , in case of Madhu, in her growing years , she was brought up in an environment ,which never corrected her negative mindset , and thus she was habituated to a worry and negative thinking pattern adapted from her young years
  • Madhu’s family details also revealed the anxiety behaviors ,existing in her mother and her grand parents, which she had inherited ,and thus carried a chronic worry behavior
  • Madhu just like many of us ,was never taught the right approach to handle her worry behavior and her negative thought pattern ,which later on turned into a habit , which she often found difficult to break.

Nothing in life is permanent , including a negative thought pattern, with the correct approach one could easily transform and replace it .

Mehnaz Amjad

With consistent effort and tools , Madhu today has been able to overcome her worry behavior, and when life throws a challenge at her , even though she worries, but does not stay there for long , for now she has learnt the very technique to combat her negative mindset .

If you find yourself, at similar experience with that of Madhu , here is a powerful tool, a workbook ,from our digital store , that could assist you shift your negative mindset, click here to purchase it.

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2022

About the AuthorMehnaz Amjad is a Certified Life Coach | Website |91 9849 500 557

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