Guided Visualization to Safety

Do you know ,to feel safe is actually our basic need ,just after food clothing and shelter , in addition to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ,neuroscience research suggests how to feel safe is what our brain constantly scans the environment for.

My story of safety goes back to my childhood, when I would always look for a corner (safe corner), be it in my classroom, library, movie theatre or in the auto rikshaw I took to commute to school every day. My need to feel safe , came automatically , despite that I was never in any threatening environment whether it was the library , theatre ,classroom or in the auto.

I understood this strange deep underlying need, many years later , when I dig into studying human brain and my own thoughts from my journals.

This interestingly also brought me the awareness of why I let go of some opportunities in my life , which were less to do with my risk appetite and more to do with my need for feeling safe .

Be it me or you , we all want to feel safe and our brain hard wired to survival, constantly in search of it.

However, during the course of our life, we are subjected to various negative experiences and trauma that may leave us with memories etched in our mind forever , and when exposed to similar situations , it may trigger plethora of difficult emotions, the most common being anxiety, bringing us to experience the same past ,which is already gone past , but yet in our mind ,we find ourselves stuck in it ,reliving it.

Here’s a guided visualization, you can listen to ,this will help first identify or create your own safe space, which you can return to , by creating this, you are sub consciously creating awareness in your sub conscious mind that you have a safe haven ,which is available , belongs to you and to which you can return anytime you feel unsafe or anxious.

To Listen to it

After having created my safe space ,my brain no longer scan the environment for safety , I return to it whenever I need , and this can be even amidst the chaos of daily life.

Mehnaz Amjad, Coach

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2022

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