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Continuing on from our previous conversation.

If you are very serious about cultivating a habit, but find yourself only just left aspiring and not really able to do anything about it.

Fogg, explains that no behavior happens without a prompt, and prompts are available to us in our daily life from most of what we do every single day

So, to develop a habit, simply identify what you are already doing, pick the prompt from it, and next to it do ( the new habit) in the most simple and tiny way, which then automatically become part of your routine and then over a period of time scale it up, do not rush, build it slowly and gradually

along with it, keep rewarding yourself with a tiny reward, this is where you are rewiring your mind, keep doing this simultaneously, and experience the magic unfold!

I have been practicing it for my anxiety issues for the past two years, and it has helped me immensely

I hope it brings in the same result for you as well.

Keep practicing it

Tiny Habits _designed by BJ Fogg

(c)Mehnaz Amjad 2022

About the Author: Mehnaz Amjad is a Coach, & a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist), Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Coaching to both individuals and organizations. You can Connect with me.

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