To let go may not be a new phrase for any of us, and it falls under the category of what is easier said than done, and hence, when we ask anyone to let go, the phrase may easily get overlooked, let alone the meaning which is very rarely reflected upon.

So, what is to let go?

Is it just a common phrase used in our day-to-day conversations, especially when we are either trying to try to console someone stuck in the range of emotions or our own wronged selves?

While as a common phrase it is a simple act of releasing what we are clinging to, but at a deeper level it is about not merely releasing but with complete submission, surrendering and accepting of what we lot go off.

 Let go is

1.Basic level >>> is to Release

2.Deeper level >>> is to Release —Release it completely—without coercionAccept what is getting released—detach from the outcome completely.

Putting it into 5 steps

  • Step 1 -Release
  • Step 2 -Release it completely
  • Step 3 -Release it without coercion
  • Step 4 -Accept what is getting released
  • Step 5 -Detach from the outcome completely

Few important key factors on Letting go are as follows

  1. To let go – is usually what we hold in our mind, and it’s not what we physically hold
  2. To let go – is a practice, which requires to exercise it almost every single day on a consistent basis, before we finally are able to let it go
  3. To let go – is a practice which involves long time period and persistence, the most difficult to let go, are things we are deeply attached to at an emotional level, and thus, sometimes also require additional support to implement it.

When it is hard to let go

  1. Be kind and compassionate towards your self
  2. Keep practicing
  3. Seek external support if you are not able to do it all by yourself

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About the Author: Mehnaz Amjad is a Coach, Trauma Healer & CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist), and the Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Coaching to both individuals and organizations. You can Connect with me.

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