Today’s video that I’ve shared, stems from a conversation I had a few days ago with a client of mine.

      The intention of the video is to simplify the complicated concept of self-awareness and its many benefits.

The client 

      He was a perplexed soul, seeking clarity and direction when he often found himself enveloped in a web of confusion and worries that seemed complicated beyond comprehension.

       I suggested he enrolled in my coaching program titled – “Journey of Self”, but he was not too sure if knowing oneself at a deeper level would benefit

       He is not alone, most of us, underestimate the value of knowing oneself and the infinite benefits it may bring to us in both subtle and manifested ways, touching almost all critical domains of our life.

     Since this is never taught anywhere, it takes a while for most of us to realize, especially when Life tests us in areas we are least likely to have thought so, which then results in getting caught up unprepared and unaware!

    The truth is, even one simple area of just knowing yourself, which includes knowing your values can profoundly change the way you perceive life, make decisions and even help you align yourself with what really gives you joy.

So much so that, if you were watching some comic movies or web series for your daily dose of laughter or were practicing laughing therapy, you may no longer need it, instead can simply do what makes you happy, BUT you can simply do only when you know yourself at a deeper level.


       What is Journey of Self; A coaching program that helps you find clarity and direction, when caught unprepared by a sudden turn of events or setback by rediscovering your relationship with yourself so that you know where you are headed and why?

This entails a combination of tools, techniques, and concepts, backed by the latest neuroscience research, and thus the results arrived at are based on the working of your own mind and have the power to transform your life forever. 

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About the Author: Mehnaz Amjad is a Coach, Trauma Healer & CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist), and the Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Coaching to both individuals and organizations. You can Connect with me.

Case Study

If you would like to learn how knowing your values can change your life, click to watch this case study

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