Nobody chooses to suffer or stay stuck in a vicious cycle of stress, but what many do not know, that most things in life which pushes us to the wall, keep us stuck, trapped, frustrated are on account of.

  • our own lack of awareness
  • and sometimes simply the meanings we have associated with certain events, people and experiences,

deeply embedded in the deep chambers of our mind, which we all know as our sub conscious mind.

To understand the complex mechanisms of our mind is not so easy as it may seem, and thus my intention is to simplify it to such an extent that you not only learn the basics, but the information shared assist you deal with your own share of stress in a more effective manner.


Here’s a piece from my life, listen to it by clicking the Tab-Podcast button.

In continuation of it, if you want to learn more, you can also watch a case study from coaching world of my client – Arvind and how he found a way out of his difficult situation by clicking the Tab-Life Coaching Arvind below.

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About the AuthorMehnaz Amjad is a Life Coach ,Trauma Healer & CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist), and the Founder of Guide & Advice which offers Life Coaching to both individuals and organizations.

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