What is it that this will do differently? said Bob,

when Mary suggested he respond to that third reminder email from a life coach he has subscribed to.

Bob; I don’t think my problem is so big enough to go to a so-called Life Coach! 

Mary ; But why don’t you try it once.

Bob ; I think I’m not ready yet.

Here is a list of excuses I have gathered from the hundreds of people I’ve coached, who were as skeptical just as Bob, but when the issue became beyond the tolerance, Bob had to give in, on an urgent basis.

List of excuses, read through and let me know if any of it resonates with you.

  • I don’t think I’m ready yet to share my problem with a Life Coach
  • I don’t think I have any mental health issues, why should I then tax my already stressed-out mind and body.
  • I will go, I’m planning to, I’m just waiting for these tasks to get over, and then for sure I will go.
  • I think the recent self-help book I brought if I just follow it, I’ll be all fine and all okay
  • I do not have money and I heard these life coaching programs are way too expensive.
  • I also heard I can self-coach, a lot of people are self-medicating and self-diagnosis with the help of the internet, let me also try this.
  • I feel too ashamed to share my secrets with the life coach, What if the coach judges me and then,  I don’t know…
  • I feel I know the life coach personally so perhaps she (Mehnaz Amjad) may get to know something I never shared with anyone and I do not want to do that. (To this issue I have a confidentiality agreement for all my clients who can safely divulge anything under the sun)
  • I don’t think my problem can ever be understood by anyone, not even a life coach. 
  • Problems are best solved by giving them some time, and with the passage of time, problems get solved automatically, I don’t need a life coach for it. 
  • The coach may ask some questions which I’m not ready to confront or speak at least not now, I will someday hire a life coach, when I think I’m ready for it.

What matters is

Your excuse could be or not be listed here, it does not matter, what really matters is how ready are you to change your life for better or pay the price of inaction just as Bob did.

Bob before enrolling into the coaching, his delayed decision and inaction made him suffer for good 3.7 years, with a fragile body, low self-worth, strained relations, anxious nervous system and a mind filled with intrusive thoughts.

In either case, the choice is yours!

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About the Author Mehnaz Amjad, is a Life Coach and a Cognitive Behavior Therapist,

I’m on a mission to empower people with strategies and tools, they need to cope with difficult times & navigate through challenging circumstances.

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