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Have you ever noticed whatever you end up watching in your feed on the social media, is what you find in the next time browsing and more and more similar post reflecting in your feed, this in the world of technology is called content-based recommendation system in machine learning (AI)

No wonder, the other day, the Yoga app posting you were browsing in detail, has now filled numerous similar options in your social media feed with infinite other options to choose from about Yoga.

Where do you thought AI actually get to learn all this?

From the complex working of our mind, and the many ways our mind (brain) processes information both from the internal and external environments..

According to me Artificial Intelligence is a beautiful manifestation of Human mind and its working but limited to what is fed in it, a Human mind is way more complex, beautiful and intelligently crafted and no matter the advancement in this area it can never replace the Human mind.

Mehnaz Amjad

Similarly, when we go through difficult times, our mind stores our experiences in various ways, sometimes it can be sensations in the body that may get triggered on account of encountering similar experiences, other times it could be a place, location, event, people, even a kind of fragrance, aroma, taste or smell.

Based on this experience we feel about a certain thing or hold a particular emotion about something, this is precisely what makes people stay stuck in difficult situations for a long time, because as we encounter stressful emotions, what was stored earlier in our mind (brain) arrives at a meaning and forms a belief , very similar to the recommended based content system of AI we learned at the beginning of this post , this meanings and belief’s from our mind (brain) thus recommends us to feel, behave and act a certain way and we do so accordingly.

To change the stored negative experience, it requires to break the neural pathways and replace it with a more positive one.

And to bring in this complex change, we need to follow a science-based coaching tool.

Here’s a case study from a real-life coaching assignment shared with due permission to explain a case on alternative belief systems.

Watch it here

Next steps for you

Pause for 21 seconds and recollect any one issue of your life, you find yourself still stuck in, and then reflect what did you do to solve the problem or what has been holding you back from arriving at a solution.?

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About the Author Mehnaz Amjad, is a Life Coach and a Cognitive Behavior Therapist,

I’m on a mission to empower people with strategies and tools, they need to cope with difficult times & navigate through challenging circumstances.

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