Heal from Grief – A support Group.

As a Life Coach, while I predominately help working professionals reeling under personal crisis, to find clarity and direction, there was a time when I also assisted some of my clients with Grief and Loss.

 But this was for a short span of time, and many people still lack awareness on this topic, therefore I do not find enough reaching out and seeking help in dealing with grief and loss.

With my own share of deep grief that continues to impact me present day today, and is part of my life, when I was coaching some people on it, it was a truly rewarding experience, which then gave me the idea to start a support group and assist people with some basic tips and technique which may help them heal 

The intention is to – let people know, that with some right effective methods and mindset, one can heal, promote their own mental well-being and also not stay stuck with grief, which can bring about complicated and conflicting emotions that very easily cascade down to other spheres of life 

When we understand Grief, we deal with this emotion the right way!

So I intend to help anyone, who wants to understand and cope using the right approach.

Sometimes even a safe space to share and express your anguish is good enough to feel relieved and attain a deeper sense of calm.

Why I created this group: Perhaps, through this group, my search for solace I sought several times in my most vulnerable states may get fulfilled, as come together and share our common humanity with each other.  

Since it is a start, with a minimum of 10 plus members I shall start sharing the tips and techniques each week, including ways in which others can contribute,share, and learn.

Who is this for – This is a space exclusively for those going through grief and loss, who need ways to share and express their complicated emotions while they heal.

What’s in it for you – being part of this group, you will get to a safe space to feel connected, belong, and supported.

To Join : write back to me on my email ; mehnazamjad@guideadvice.org and I will extend an invitation to you.

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About the Author Mehnaz Amjad, is a Life Coach and a Cognitive Behavior Therapist,

I’m on a mission to empower people with strategies and tools, they need to cope with difficult times & navigate through challenging circumstances.

If you are in search of help, click to connect.

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