An onsite visit to the most picturesque Scandinavian countries, while people may try and create a memorable experience, I stared with a blank state at the setting sun, seeking a way out of the mess I was in.

I was confined to my hotel room, dealing with intermittent bouts of vertigo and anxiety. 

This was on account of a personal crisis back home, which kept me on edge, filling me with anxiety and uncertainty, my work suffered as I became more and more overwhelmed with the increased job demands and unrealistic deadlines.

Despite the best experience in dealing with the complexities of projects and clients, I still had not learned the right coping strategies to deal with personal issues, as a result, the emotional distress cascaded deep into my work and relationships.

I could not fully fathom, was it the endless job demands, or was my emotional distress or both!

My work and my health suffered immensely resulting in loss of job, low confidence, and a more anxious nervous system that desperately was in need of calm and peace.

Turning point

The most interesting part of change is, that it is permanent, even the worse times do not stay, and life moved onto the shores of new opportunities, and once again I found myself in a job, a role that offered all that I could serve in the best of my capacity. 

But did I find a way out? all the years of suppressed emotions, and issues I’ve never truly tried to find a solution to?

A candid answer is a plain No, not unless I consciously tried and looked for a solution. 

and then one fine day, in the new job opportunity, I was back again in my stress cycle.


  • Unprocessed emotions are deeply buried inside our sub concious mind
  • The stress and trauma caused by the unprocessed emotions, are deeply buried in our nervous system..
  • Emotional distress does not resolve automatically, or with passage of time, it requires the right strategies to resolve.
  • Emotional distress, unless put to practice through the right strategy, may keep surfacing up in big or small ways, demanding its due attention and resolution.
  • Emotional distress can manifest in many ways, the range is wide (from mood swings to irritability to seeking perfection or finding fault in everything) one way or the other is a sign of unprocessed emotions at a surface level.
  • Emotional distress the longer it is left unattended to, can lead to return of more intense episodes of emotions in form of rage, anger, shame, guilt or fear.

The inaction of a year made me suffer for continuous 3 consecutive years, it was only with the support of my coach and mentor, and my own commitment of putting things to practice made a huge difference both to my physical and mental state.

How long do you want to wait? I’m guessing, not a minute more..

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About the Author Mehnaz Amjad, is a Life Coach and a Cognitive Behavior Practitioner

I’m on a mission to empower people with strategies and tools, they need to cope with difficult times & navigate through challenging circumstances.

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