Many years ago, while I was successfully climbing my career ladder and getting promoted year after year, one fateful way, I found myself amidst a personal crisis, which pushed me into such difficult circumstances and confusion that I just could not understand what I’m supposed to do next.

What I struggled with the most,

was my lack of ability to handle the crisis at hand and the information related to it with the necessary people that surrounded my world, people with whom I closely worked both at home and in my workspace.

As a Result

Some of the worst decisions of my career were made in this phase, followed by my behavior which became aloof and isolated, 

The stress took a heavy toll on me, so much so that, end of the day, I would take the back door elevator to go directly to the car parking zone and flee from there, 

why was that, 

I avoided the front space which manifested to me as being exposed, and the backside of the office space as space of protection for me, from being exposed, a deep shame enveloped me , and all I sought was a safe haven.

In the deep recess of my mind, I was afraid, that people will come to know about my truth, they will then judge me, and eventually reject me, and I will be left all alone in this cruel world!

I feared being rejected and abandoned this way.

These deep embedded beliefs were driving my behavior and my response to challenges I encountered in that period.

Can you imagine, lacking support and the right approach can make you behave in unimaginable ways, completely oblivious to the consequences it may lead to?

In my case, it was all about, not knowing the right communication strategy to adapt to people at home and people at workspace.

And it took me several years to eventually find my blind spots and a way out of it.


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About the Author Mehnaz Amjad, is a Life Coach and a Cognitive Behavior Practitioner

I’m on a mission to empower people with strategies and tools, they need to cope with difficult times & navigate through challenging circumstances.

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