Rains and my negative mindset.

The rains in Hyderabad are testing both my patience and mobility

27th July 2023 , Hyderabad Rains

While for many rainfall is a season, often associated with romance, adventure, and a time for picnics or outings.

For me, it holds a very different meaning.

Since childhood, I never liked rain, because it would often be accompanied by cold gloomy weather sans sunshine and this is enough for me to feel lazy with extreme boredom.

Later on, during my father’s last ailing years, it was the rain that put me in situations I had to make sure all arrangements are in place before I had to rush him to the ICU again.

These experiences of not-so-pleasant memories of rain and rainfall, often make me irritated and a bit tired, reminding me of my tiring days of anxiety and stress.

I narrate my story to you, with the intention to assist you understand how associations work in our mind, our memory space called (the hippocampus) and amygdala ( emotional) mind work together, the memory gathers data from the experience and the emotional mind attaches meanings to it.


Mehnaz’s association with rainfall is formed.

Rainfall = Feeling lazy, lethargic, and bored!

But present-day today, I’ve been working extensively on myself to rewrite this negative association with rain in mind, while I’m fully not there, I’m hopeful to be able to rewrite it in another few months.

This is called work of rewiring our mind, towards surrender, to things, we cannot change and accept whatever arises.

The meanings we attach to things, people, events, and places are what form our beliefs, often limiting beliefs because we are hardwired to negativity.

Is there anything in your life, that you associate with a negative meaning ?

giving rise to difficult emotions and feelings.

If, yes, then why don’t we talk to work on it?

I’m sure you may not want to stay in this fixated cycle of negative thought patterns and beliefs.

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About the Author Mehnaz Amjad, is a Coach and a Cognitive Behavior Practitioner

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