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When hard times hit us, it is extremely difficult to find clarity, and in addition to the chaotic mind, the stress residing in the nervous system, manifest itself in ways beyond our awareness, bringing in new set of complications to the existing chaos!

To find clarity, we need to first settle the storms of mind.

What can be done?

Here are 3 simple, yet powerful ways to regain clarity when going through a crisis

  • Spend time in nature, even watching scenic views or imagining being at one can help calm down the nervous system, opening ways to find a way out both from the problem and the stress.(The video enclosed is for the same purpose, enjoy the buffalo’s day out on a pleasant sunny day)
  • Do nothing for some time – you can start by 3 minutes and can extend it up to even more than 15 minutes, and if your mind wanders, it will surely, come back to a sensation in the body or your breath, do this with compassion, and just be!
  • Share your thoughts on a piece of paper, a journal, a notebook, with a good friend , or simply write to me, (email ; mehnazamjad@guideadvice.org) I read everything. When we share our thoughts, either on paper with self or others ,it’s our first step to get ourselves out of the chaos. Try it !
Be with nature and heal naturally .

Be with Nature and heal naturally.

In addition to the above 3 steps, here’s a guide, if you want an immediate help to find a way out of your problem.

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About the Author Mehnaz Amjad, is a Coach and a Cognitive Behavior Practitioner

I’m on a mission to empower people with strategies and tools, they need to cope with difficult times & navigate through challenging circumstances.

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