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A week ago, I was invited to a wedding which was held in some remote corner of India, more than the location it was the relation ,which kind of made me feel too old !

Let me explain.

The wedding was of my cousin’s best friend’s daughter, who is also a common family friend, and it turns out, the bride is just barely 16-year-old teenager and the groom 19, and here, I’m, I’ve just officially become a cousin mother-in-law 🙂

The very thought of blessing my son in law , was too difficult to digest , as they are due for a visit our house shortly .

But then ,when I actually imagined myself as a snooty mother-in-law,I could not stop laughing for several minutes ,enjoying every bit of my seniority as i turned 42 this year 🙂

Time flies and equation of relations change , and as a learner of life, I really want to increase my humour quotient , so that I serve all of you with grace and also assist you to learn to laugh your blues out !

Back to our topic .

In another ten days from now, between 20th September to 24th September, we will experience an equinox, in which the Sun will move a bit southwards , declaring the onset of winter for some, preceded by autumn/fall.

As time passes by , Life unfolds and bring to us experiences of all kinds.


if you have been bothered about something ,or find yourself confused on any particular issue, try to steal some precious time for yourself and answer these two questions

A pause and reflection ,is one of the best way to hit refresh and restart .

Write a list of things that matter most to you , and does this align to where you are dedicating your time and energy ?

(The answer to this question will help you answer the next question)

What kind of life do you want to create for yourself in the coming time (it can range from months to years) ? Get clear.

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