​Four years ago, on a bright January sunny day, I bumped into a distant relative in a hospital waiting hall ,of a cardiac surgery unit, where she had come to meet her brother and me for a friend, our meeting lasted for just a few minutes and exactly 6 months later I learned she had been diagnosed with 4th stage liver cancer, six months later I was at her house ,in her funeral.

As a keen observer, I always soak in more things from the environment than required, which ranges from subtle vibes to the obvious gestures, and therefore, end up with more burden on my nervous system than needed, resulting in a circle of stress and anxiety.

During our brief meet, where we mostly spoke about the food and how the present-day food and air is laced with chemicals, what stayed with me was her constant complaint of stomachache and indigestion.

So, a few months ago, I had viral fever, which I may have acquired from the environment, but the indigestion, and stomachache kept reminding me of her making me more than anxious, as I continue to attach meanings derived from the past to my own case.

As you guessed it right, I was more anxious than before and for a fever that didn’t last more than two days, I frantically looked for appointment of the best Hematologist (Liver specialist) and ended up meeting 3 distinguished doctors, all three baffled by my curiosity and reports which were all normal and require nothing more to do except to rest both my mind and body.

This is the result of a subconscious scripts, where a meaning was attached, and an emotion constructed, and then based on the meaning assigned to it, resulting in either a negative set of emotions or a positive one.

Our subconscious mind is always on with this job of scripting and assigning meanings as we go about living our life.

Also remember, it applies to most of the phases and experiences of life.


anytime you find yourself more anxious, panicking or reacting more than it is required

Ask yourself.

What is the inner meaning I’m trying to attach to the present thing? ( this will assist you in getting straight to the real cause of your worry)


What does it mean to you?

and when you get to the root, it helps you become more aware, which is the first step to finding a way out!

Because the past is always present, along with the meanings we assign to it.

(c) Mehnaz Amjad – 2017 -2023

About the Author Mehnaz Amjad, is a Coach and a Cognitive Behavior Practitioner

I’m on a mission to empower people with strategies and tools, they need to cope with difficult times & navigate through challenging circumstances.

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