Mehnaaz Amjad

I coach IT professionals to help them make impactful, regret-free decisions. This helps them live the life of their choice without regrets.

Seek Meaningful Guidance

You may belong to any of the categories listed above or could be someone in need of beyond what is listed. Whatever the case may be, Guide &¬†Advice is established with the core objective of being the enabler, facilitator or support for anyone in need of meaningful guidance. Our expertise lies in the methodology, framework […]


For a Change

If you sometimes are curious to learn the way people lived their life’s centuries ago, including their mindset, approach, and perspectives of life, this is a book by Ruskin Bond, saving you from the boredom of understanding history centuries ago. The most intriguing part is, the chaos then(Many moons ago) is also prevalent now, the […]


When The Sun changes its direction

With Sun Solstice, we in India being predominantly from the agrarian society, today celebrate our harvest season for Winter crops, but each in its unique way. As Sun shifts direction, it is also an indication of the onset of Summer, especially in South India, bidding goodbye to the dry winter. A winter which is never […]


Learn to Listen

Yesterday evening captured this Lil birdies in a constant conversation, if you observe closely you may not be able to spot a single bird, all hidden behind the eucalyptus leaves, but the constant chirping and tweeting showcase their way of correspondence. Perhaps this is how the birds connect and correspond, or communicate with each other. […]