Mehnaaz Amjad

Life Coach ,specialized into Grief Coaching and a CBT practitioner, I help people heal, restore, recover back from hardships, setbacks and challenges of life the effective way.

Guide & Advice

During my regular evening walk, I bumped into my cousin, who seemed in a very somber mood, when inquired learned that one of a known acquaintance, who was also his classmate and friend from the engineering school just passed away. The news took me back in time 12 years ago when I was a student, […]



During my first job as a management trainee, one of my first tasks was to create a training module for contract staff which comprised of the contingent workforce, the employees basically comprised of security guards, drivers, hospitality staff including janitors. After the module was developed and designed, to my surprise none in their HR department volunteered to […]


When to Make that right move.

     Let’s assume you come across a person which has the following traits, 14 years of condense experience in a wide spectrum of Industries ranging from IT,IT’S,Product ,Healthcare  ,Professional Services, Consulting, Operations, strategy and projects .  Someone with diverse exposure ranging from top process driven MNC’s, to complete ambiguous greenfield projects. A person who has managed teams, […]


Flavours of Life ; Balance it out

This tiny corner of my Kitchen with glass see through containers holding spices, each with its individual taste and vigor.The most interesting part is if you change the ratio of one to another, it may give a completely new flavor, isn’t it intriguing? Perhaps this what chemistry is all about in home science, on a […]